Alpha and Omega

Release Date: September 17, 2010

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88/123 David Mumpower Tries hard but there isn't enough story to match the animation. I think there is promise here.
124/190 Max Braden Mediocre animation, mediocre plot. I think I laughed a couple times but I forget which scenes.

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When I was a kid, I think I watched Homeward Bound about 50 times. I saw Homeward Bound 2, in theater, more than once. And I knew kids about five years older than me who were just as obsessed with Milo and Otis. Apparently, kids are really into stories about animals trying to get home, or together. Or anywhere, really. Animals + transit = gold.

Lionsgate and their new animation partners, Crest Animation Productions, seek to apply that formula to computer animation and see if it sticks. Alpha and Omega, helmed by relative newcomer Ben Gluck, stars Hayden Panettiere as the confident pack leader wolf Kate alongside freewheeling (can a wolf be freewheeling?) Humphrey (Justin Long.) Park Rangers capture the wolves, they end up far away from home, understanding and adversity and a happy ending follow.

There’s not really a proven commodity within a mile of this thing – new studio, new writer, new director, young stars – and no real reason to call it one way or another as far as box office is concerned. Then again, Space Chimps made money, so apparently kids can get their parents to take them to see just about anything.

Seriously, though – it’s time for Homeward Bound III. The last decade of youth has been missing out. (Sean Collier/BOP)

Vital statistics for Alpha and Omega
Main Cast Hayden Panettiere, Justin Long, Christina Ricci
Supporting Cast Danny Glover, Larry Miller, Dennis Hopper
Director Ben Gluck
Screenwriter Chris Denk
Distributor Lionsgate
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
Official Site
Rating PG
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