The Road

Release Date: November 25, 2009
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Limited release

This is what everyone feels like after a trip to Wal-Mart.

On the Big Board
Position Staff In Brief
2/13 Sean Collier Haunting and careful. Deserved to be seen more than it was.
13/38 John Seal As bleak a vision as you'll ever see on film
43/169 Max Braden This is a movie that will make you think about how you would survive. I was a little more impressed with The Pianist and Cold Mountain in the survivalist genre.

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So, apparently after Roland Emmerich and 2012 destroy the world, we're left with this...the end of the world as we know it. Unfortunately, REM was not correct, because it's pretty clear that the people left behind do not feel fine.

The Road is a post-apocalyptic tale set in an all-too-near future. A man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) are struggling to survive in a United States where it's clear that very few people are even alive. Simple things like a can of Coca-Cola are seen as treasure. The two of them are desperately trying to get to the southeast coast, away from the cold and toward a place where they hope there will be supplies and other survivors. It's a very rough journey, though, because along the way they'll encounter cannibals and other remnants of society whose purpose is to pillage and plunder the less fortunate.

Like the Best Picture Academy Award winner from 2007 (No Country for Old Men), The Road is based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy. The book is one of the most critically acclaimed of the last decade, with spare language telling the story of desperate human beings. The prospect of a theatrical adaptation of the novel has always been exciting, particularly since so much was left to the imagination in the story that it will be fascinating to see the interpretation of director John Hillcoat and screenwriter Joe Penhall. There are some truly haunting images in the movie's trailer, and we're hopeful that the film can deliver some real suspense and moral debate. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for The Road
Main Cast Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall
Supporting Cast Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce
Director John Hillcoat
Screenwriter Joe Penhall, Nick Wechsler
Distributor The Weinstein Company
Official Site
Rating R
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