Charlotte's Web

Release Date: December 15, 2006
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Oh, wow, what have we now?
Zuckerman's famous pig!
Ooh-wee, whaddya see?
The most famous hog in history.
Fine swine, wish he was mine.
So what if he's not so big?
He's one terrific, radiant, humble
Thing-a-ma-jig-a-ma pig
He's one terrific, radiant, humble
Zuckerman's famous pig!

Based on the wonderful children's book by E.B. White, Charlotte's Web was first adapted into a movie in 1973. The completely animated version of the film featured Debbie Reynolds as the voice of Charlotte the Spider and Paul Lynde as Templeton the Rat. With plenty of music and tender moments, the heartwarming story of a girl, her pig, and the spider who befriends him has been a classic that has been run and re-run on various channels since its creation.

Now the story will be told again in theatrical format; this time in a combination of live-action and CGI. Fern, the little girl who lives on a farm and adopts a pig as her own, will be portrayed by super kid actor Dakota Fanning. A charming and playful little pig that eventually grows up to be an impressive specimen, Wilbur becomes devastated when he learns that his eventual destiny is to be someone's dinner. He befriends a spider named Charlotte, and she becomes determined to save the young pig. To that end, she weaves phrases such as "Some Pig" and "Radiant" into her web. This unusual feat captures the attention of the farmers and even the local media. In the end, the pig is entered in the fair - if he wins, he'll be able to retire as a champion, with no fear of ever being a pork chop.

Along with Fanning, the voice cast is superb. Julia Roberts voices Charlotte, and additional cast members include Oprah Winfrey, John Cleese, Cedric the Entertainer, Robert Redford, Steve Buscemi (as the cynical rat Templeton), Andre 3000 and Thomas Haden Church. The film should be a joyously anticipated family project that will be a draw for all ages. (Kim Hollis/BOP)

Vital statistics for Charlotte's Web
Main Cast Dakota Fanning, Robert Redford, Julia Roberts
Supporting Cast Oprah Winfrey, John Cleese, Steve Buscemi, Cedric the Entertainer, Reba McEntire, Kathy Bates, Thomas Haden Church, Andre Benjamin
Director Gary Winick
Screenwriter Susannah Grant, Karey Kirkpatrick
Distributor Paramount
Trailer Click Here for Trailer
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