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Robert Redford

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Founder of the Sundance Film Festival, named after his character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • In 1973, he starred in both The Sting and The Way We Were
  • In Brubaker, he played an upstanding warden who tries to reform a corrupt prison. In The Castle, he played an upstanding prisoner who tries to reform an unjust prison.
  • Hates the musical stylings of Scott Joplin
Robert Redford

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
Lions for Lambs 11/9/07 R 12.12 Info
Charlotte's Web 12/15/06 3566 11.46 81.73 Info
An Unfinished Life 9/9/05 PG-13 139 1.01 8.26 Info
The Clearing 7/2/04 R 56 0.62 5.76 Info
Spy Game 11/21/01 R 2770 21.69 62.34 Info
The Last Castle 10/19/01 R 2262 7.11 18.21 Info



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A River Runs Through It
Ordinary People
The Sting

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