Survivor: Fiji

I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

By Jim Van Nest

March 27, 2007

After you put out the fire, I'm okay with you beating the daylights out of Rocky.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Fiji. I have to be honest when I say that I'm wondering if I shouldn't start saying "Hello, good person" as I can't imagine many people still interested in this season. Anyway...previously on Survivor: Moto won some more, Ravu lost some more and I grew one episode closer to bailing on this season altogether. Mixed in the tedium somewhere, we learned that Stacy and Lisi are quite the bitches and Dreamz and Cassandra don't know how to brew coffee. Alex got a clue and tried to shore up his alliance and Rita literally talked her way off the show as Ravu made it back to Tribal Council. In an attempt to save the season, the previews indicate that there will be a tribal shakeup that will somehow have Rocky and Dreamz teaming up. So, let's stop wasting time and see if the shake-up can save the season.

We begin at the much quieter Ravu camp and the tribe seems to be overrun with flies. Amidst all the bugs, Yau Man is telling us how happy he is to still be around considering he is the most dispensable. Tree mail arrives and suggests there will be no brawn required and that some will get to feast. They're gonna switch up that early?

Probst sighting! The tribes come in and Jeff asks for one person from each tribe to step forward. Edgardo and Earl step up and here it comes. "Everybody, drop your buffs." Cue the opening theme.


And it's a playground pick-em format. The only stipulation is that you have to choose someone from the other tribe. There will be one person not selected, but Jeff doesn't say what's gonna happen to them. Let's start. Edgardo selects Mookie. Earl tags Boo. Mookie then takes Alex. Boo grabs Michelle. Alex, oddly, takes Rocky. Michelle selects Cassandra (WHAT?). Rocky, as advertised, selects Dreamz. Cassandra takes Yau Man (wow, can this tribe get any weaker?). Dreamz has to select Anthony, leaving Yau Man with a choice between Stacy and Lisi. He chooses Stacy. Which brings us to Lisi. Jeff tells her that she's still in the game and she's actually bummed out about it. She was thinking she would be out and she thinks it's a good time to exit. Jeff basically calls her out as not wanting to play anymore. He then tells her that she's going to Exile Island, which gets him a chorus of "Just great" from Lisi. And then the quote of the night so far, from Jeff, "So maybe a little time on Exile...straighten out your head and you'll come back wanting to play." And for those who missed the episode, he was not making a joke, he was not smiling. He was dead serious and very obviously pissed off. He goes on to tell her she'll stay at Exile until after the next Tribal Council and she will join the tribe that loses a member.

One last order of business...which tribe goes back to which camp? Earl and Edgardo rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to pull a buff out of a bag. Edgardo wins the battle, but loses the war as he chooses the orange buff of Ravu. Earl and Co. will be the new Moto tribe and head back to the lap of luxury. Considering one tribe is all men and one tribe is Michelle, Cassandra, Stacy and Yau Man...They ended up at the camps where they should have. Oh yeah, and there will be a house warming gift left at each camp when they get back.

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