Survivor: Fiji

I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

By Jim Van Nest

March 27, 2007

After you put out the fire, I'm okay with you beating the daylights out of Rocky.

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We come back from commercial to Lisi and her wonderful attitude on Exile Island. She's whining because her alliance is blown away. She has to be one of the more vile Survivors in a long while.

At the new Camp Cream-Filling, Earl is loving the good life. He's trying out all the furniture and eating like mad. He tells us that he and Yau will be looking for the idol soon and he's pretty exited to know that they're the only ones who could possibly know where it is.

Back at Ravu, Edgardo is rallying the troops by telling them that if he had his choice of tribes, he'd choose this one even with the crappy camp. Alex tells us that this camp isn't really that bad and he's thrilled to be rid of Stacy, Lisi and Boo. What follows is a bunch of male bonding and slams on women and blah, blah. Rocky's glad to not have any more Rita-type conversations. As these talks continue, you can see that Anthony is completely left out. As they decide to get back to work, Anthony gets assigned the task of tending the fire and water while everyone else goes fishing and crabbing. Anthony tells us that he knows he's a nerd and that he's on the burly man tribe now and that he's basically screwed.


Meanwhile, at Moto, Earl and Yau Man are planning to fish. Boo tells us that he was already counting his million and that his plan has been a little messed up now. Earl, meanwhile, is feeling quite a bit superior. With it being 3-3 Moto to Ravu on the new tribe, he says they're looking for the swing vote now and everything..."will have to go through me." Sounds like the last words of a guy getting ready to go home to me. Cassandra is digging the new tribe and she likes Earl and Yau a lot. As the three of them talk, it seems as though Boo just might be the new target on the Moto tribe. Earl tells us he has Michelle and Yau Man and that it only takes one more vote for him to have all the power. Ya know, I was liking Earl for a minute. This new "I'm the king of the world" Earl will get old real quick. Is there no one on this frickin' show that I can get behind?

I come back from commercial with only one thought on my mind...what the hell is Ice Cube doing making a sequel to Are We There Yet? What happened to the kid that helped start the most influential rap group ever? *sigh* Oh, well...back to the recap.

As we join the Ravu camp, Anthony is feeling pretty lonely and on the ropes. Honestly, if he doesn't go home tonight, it'll be because Ravu won immunity. We join the rest of the guys on the hunt. As they beat the hell out of some crabs, Alex tells us that he can certainly see why things were so down for this tribe. Losing all the time will do that. As they crab, Rocky gets mouthy about how weak Anthony is. Alex takes this info to decide who he wants as his fourth alliance member on the new tribe. Rocky is too annoying and Anthony is weak, so Alex approaches and makes a deal with Mookie. Mookie says he thinks Anthony needs to be the next to go...and a new alliance is formed. With that settled, Mookie uses some of the crab meat to fish. Several large fish later, the Ravu tribe begins to prepare their best meal since landing on their island. Mookie's pumped with the fish and the new tribe dynamics. Rocky is feeling pretty solid right now too. "Right now, on paper, we're a super power." I hate when they do that. As soon as someone talks about how great their tribe is, that tribe loses.

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