Survivor: Fiji

I've Got Strength Now To Carry The Flag

By Jim Van Nest

March 27, 2007

After you put out the fire, I'm okay with you beating the daylights out of Rocky.

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Probst sighting! The tribes come in and are treated to a very interesting obstacle course. Each tribe will be connected to a six point sliding hub. Basically, each person is attached to the end of a pole. The poles are of varying length. The key to the challenge is to move themselves backward, forward and any other way to maneuver this huge rig through a pretty small course of bamboo posts. The course, of course, intersects so there will be a chance for the tribes to meet on the course a number of times. As it turns out, that's exactly what happens on three occasions. As the challenge progresses, the teams are virtually even. When they lock up at the final crossover point, it becomes apparent that the first tribe to get through the logjam will likely win the challenge. After a lengthy battle between the tribes, Moto brakes free first and by the skin of their teeth, Moto holds on for the immunity victory. So Rocky, Mookie and Anthony get to head back to Tribal Council....again.

And now it's time to play "It's Anyone But Anthony." Anthony is complaining about being left behind at the fire again. Anthony overhears Edgardo and Anthony talking. Rocky is talking all about him. Anthony goes to Dreamz to try to sway him to his side. Dreamz actually thinks Rocky should go first, but Anthony's weakness is probably gonna hurt him. He goes to Alex and he can get no reaction from him. Edgardo tells us how messed up Rocky is and how Anthony's "his little bitch." Ed really doesn't want to see Rocky make the merge. Anthony works on Ed next and he says it's up in the air between Anthony and Rocky. Rocky tells us that Anthony has got to go and honestly, do we really care why? I didn't think so. I've seen plenty of Survivor and it's clear who's going home tonight. It'll take a miracle to save Anthony now.

We get to Tribal and Jeff asks how things were at the new camp. Mookie talks about everyone doing their part and he mentions Anthony staying behind to tend the fire. Jeff asks him about it and he gives his typical politically correct answer. Which sets Rocky off on a rant about how Anthony needs to put his cards on the table and stick up for himself. When Jeff asks him about this, it gets Rocky started again. He just goes and goes and goes. As he slams Anthony around every corner, you can see the rest of the tribe pulling away from him. Jeff finally asks Anthony about all of this and he gives a real good speech about how he's been trying to keep the peace and make sure that the tribe works well together to finally win a challenge. He says that it makes no sense, but if he has to piss people off to stay in this game, then that's what he'll do. He wants to be there, he deserves to be there and if they want to continue on as a tribe and be successful, they need him to stay there. As he's saying this, we see clips of Alex and Edgardo both nodding and I can't help but think that Anthony might have gotten his miracle. It's time to vote.


We see Rocky's vote for Anthony and Anthony's vote for Rocky and that's it. As Jeff reads the votes, vote number three is for Anthony, which sets the table for the rest of the votes. And Anthony becomes the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Fiji. And for their stupidity, the Ravu tribe will be rewarded with Lisi's return to their tribe. Egads!

Next time on Survivor: Lisi joins the Ravu camp and it seems that Dreamz and Lisi might have issues. While at Moto, Yau Man continues his search for the hidden immunity idol. A blindfold challenge looks to be an injury waiting to happen and the best snippet of preview is Michelle (who isn't blindfolded) falling off a perfectly still platform. Can't wait to see how that happens.

A quick programming note, Survivor will return to its regular time slot next Thursday at 7p.m. Hopefully it'll be followed by a new CSI and Shark...because as it is, the Thursday lineup is sucking. Until next week, take care.

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