The Amazing Race All-Stars Epsiode Four

No Babies on the Race

By Reagen Sulewski

March 18, 2007

Worst episode ever. We'll miss you guys.

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However, Uchenna & Joyce are only able to get onto the second charter flight, after Teri & Ian beat them there, proving just how superior the navigating detour was. Rob gives it one last try (he never did check his spelling) and he and Amber quit to try the other detour with Dustin & Kandice, hoping to stay enough ahead of the remaining two teams.

These two teams now reach the Detour, with Joe & Bill choosing the navigation task and the human train wreck team choosing to build the sign. I think we all know how this will turn out, but let's watch anyway. As Charla attempts to bring as much of the supplies to the sign building spot as she can, Mirna proceeds to scream at her that she's wasting time. Then she drops what she's doing and tries to do what Charla is doing, which leads Charla to go over and try and do the thing that Mirna was. And we repeat, but louder. This eventually ends up with Charla carrying the giant sign pole up a set of stairs (and doing quite well at it, frankly), and Mirna screaming at her to put it down. Hey, she's doing more than you are, you idiot, and if you would just do what you can and let her do what she can... then we'd have to watch these guys some more. So, uh... nevermind then.

Joe & Bill manage to pass Rob & Amber and Dustin & Kandice after Rob decides he doesn't need to read the clue (he's just circling the drain at this point), but it's basically immaterial at this point, as the last five teams are all on the second charter.

The charters don't take off until the next morning, so in theory these teams should be well rested and mentally alert. However, Teri & Ian immediately run off past the clue box after reaching Ushuaia, letting Danny & Oswald get to it first. This clue directs them a post office on Isla Redonda, the southernmost point of land in South America (sort of. The show is definitely cheating here, if you look at a map).


Danny & Oswald and Eric & Danielle reach the post office after a short ferry ride, where they find the Roadblock. It's the ever-enjoyable needle-in-a-haystack task, as one team member has to find a letter addressed to them by a team from their original season on the race, amongst a pile of over a thousand.

The second charter flight has now landed, and things continue to spiral downward for Rob & Amber, who are blown by leaving the airport. They're left to fight for a taxi with Charla & Mirna, who try out their brand of crazy on Rob & Amber, claiming they called for the taxi first. I can't think of a team that this is less likely to work on, and Rob & Amber speed away in second-to-last spot.

Oswald & Danny are the first to find their letter, and are treated to nice words of encouragement from the brother and sister duo of Blake & Paige from their season. They then have to trek around the island to find the pit stop. Eric & Danielle find their letter from their erstwhile teammates Jeremy & Dani, which has more than just a twinge of jealousy in it.

As the second wave of teams starts to arrive at the ferry to the island post office, Danny & Oswald find their way around to the pit stop, where they're greeted by a spiky-haired bomber-jacket wearing Phil, who gives them the news that they are first. Their bonus prize is a trip to Maui. They ask Phil to come along, and he fends off their advances with "that's a whole different reality show". C'mon, Phil, don't act like you're not curious. Eric & Danielle slid in for a close second.

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