Survivor: Fiji

Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None

By Jim Van Nest

March 13, 2007

A rare Survivor moment where Rita's mouth was shut.

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Probst sighting!! And today's immunity challenge is suited for both tribes regardless of camp life. So, I'm glad to see that. This challenge is like the old kid's game, Memory. Basically, you have to flip a board and then find its match. There are 30 boards and four of them are bogus. So there are 13 pairs. First team to get seven wins. Once you leave the main platform, there can be no coaching from the rest of the tribe.

Not surprisingly, Moto strikes first as Cassandra lucks into a match. Boo scores the second point for Moto. Yau Man screws up an easy match for Ravu because he couldn't remember where the second one was. This leads to the best moment of the challenge. Lisi is in such a hurry to get the match that Yau Man missed that she jumps down and lands dead on her face. When she gets up, she runs straight to the first one and then to the wrong place for the match. When the rest of the tribe gasps, this turn is over and Ravu gets a second chance. Earl heads out and finally gets this one and it's 2-1 Moto. After a montage of flipping, the game is down to this. 6-6. There are six tiles left and two of them match. Michelle heads out for Ravu and doesn't find a match. Edgardo heads out for Moto and he doesn't match either. As he goes, he shows Ravu where the match is. Rocky heads out to find the easy final match. He turns over one nine and gets confused on the second nine. He misses it. And what have we here? Another effing Moto win.

We come back to Ravu and Rocky wants to address the tribe. He apologizes for losing the challenge and mentions that too many people talk at the same time that it's hard for anyone to concentrate. Rita chimes in to agree. Anthony and Rocky are talking about how annoying Rita is and how they're ready to dump her. Anthony, meanwhile, is feeling pretty vulnerable, since he was on the block last week. Mookie and Yau Man are discussing who should go and they break it down to Anthony or Rita and they don't really care which one. As a larger portion of the group gets together, Mookie tells them he doesn't want to decide this time. Michelle suggests Anthony and Rita, Mookie and Yau Man agree. As Rocky and Mookie go for a walk, Rocky tries to convince Mookie to change his vote. Rocky says he wants Anthony to go too, but Rita has to go first. Looks like Mook might be changing his mind.


How frustrating was it to get that close to winning? Yau Man was very frustrated and felt bad for messing up one of the matches for the tribe. Mookie mentions the whole too many people talking thing and how Rocky took the blame for the challenge, but it really wasn't his entire fault. Jeff asks Rocky why he's taking the blame and I really like this response. "I swear if we would have won that challenge, the whole island would have exploded. We were so close. And I took that away from myself and away from my tribe and I felt bad." We move on to Rita and ask her what she talks about. Perfect question. She says she tries to tell stories to entertain a little bit. Earl than tells us that strategies are starting to change. Decisions were made real fast in the beginning but now it's getting to be more about chemistry. Yau Man, can you trust your tribe yet? "My credo in life is Love Many, Trust Few and Do Wrong to None." Not sure what that means, but there you have it. And now, it's time to vote.

We see Rita vote for Anthony and Anthony vote for Rita. I'll go tally the votes. When it's all said and done, Rita and Michelle vote Anthony and everyone else votes for Rita. Something tells me camp will be much quieter in the morning.

Next time on Survivor, the producers have conspired to keep me watching. Drop your buffs! Looks like it's tribal mix-up time. And it appears they're doing it grade-school-gym-class style too. They show Rocky pick Dreamz of all people to join him. And the final choice is to determine which tribe gets Moto's camp and which gets Ravu.

*PROGRAMMING NOTE*** There is no Survivor next week. There is no Survivor next week. Further, when Survivor comes back, it will be on a Wednesday. It's March Madness time, which means CBS's Thursdays will be all basketball all the time for the next few weeks. So Survivor will be back with a new episode on Wednesday, March 21st!!! Until then, take care!

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