Survivor: Fiji

Let's Just Call Jeff on the Phone

By Jim Van Nest

March 6, 2007

Goodbye, Moto.

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2) What would the note have said if Ravu had won? That they could either keep immunity or leave their crappy camp? I mean, really, do they even think about this stuff before they put it on television? Even more than a stupid idea like haves-have nots, I really hate the knee-jerk reaction to correct the original problem by changing the rules of the game without much thought going into the repercussions of that knee-jerk reaction.

3) Are you frickin kidding me? They're gonna give up immunity just to keep their pillows and blankets? Could it be because they know that they're too frickin soft to live at the other camp? You just never give up a member in this game. I've said it over and up a member when you don't have to will earn you the karma you deserve. Especially considering this will tie the game. I fully expect this to be the beginning of the end for the Moto tribe...and thank goodness for that!!

Back at Moto camp, Dreamz decides to talk straight with everyone and declares that Lisi and Cassandra are the weak links and they should decide between the two of them. Edgardo agrees that Cassandra will get his vote, because he likes Lisi. Stacy tells us in confessional that what Dreamz doesn't know is that it's a tribe of five - Stacy, Alex, Edgardo, Lisi and Boo. Dreamz is going on and on about not wanting to turn the game over to the snakes. Keep everything open. Cassandra is really worried about going home. And right in the middle of this, we get some kind of footage of a snake, like...I don't know, spitting out a snake or something. I watched it twice and am not sure what it was, but I'm thoroughly freaked out now. The team of five is having trouble deciding who to vote out. Lisi and Stacy want Liliana out, Alex and the guys want Cassandra out because she's the weakest link and they want to stay strong. I'll go ahead and mention here that I'm sure Liliana rubbing her boobies on the guys' backs every night has nothing to do with their decision.


First topic at Tribal is about Gary leaving. The whole tribe really misses him. Jeff asks if everyone has formed bonds by now. Dreamz says that he felt a bond with Gary and Cassandra but not really anyone else. Edgardo (who?) disagrees. Lisi brings up Dreamz going off on his rant about who should go which leads to a bunch of talk that says absolutely nothing. Alex says that his vote will be based on strength. Right before the vote, Cassandra throws a huge compliment to Liliana and her strength. Okay, let's vote.

Ironically, the first vote we see is Liliana's vote for Cassandra. We then see Lisi's vote for Liliana, saying the alliance is five not six (I really don't like her.) The final vote we see is Cassandra voting for Lisi (you go girl!) Let's tally the votes. We see the three votes first and what follows is nothing but votes for Liliana. I wonder if it's possible that Jeff misread Lisi four times. Nope...guess not.

Next time on Survivor, karma starts to have its way and Moto starts to fracture. Yau Man starts looking for the idol. And a quick scene from some sort of challenge shows Dreamz laughing at Rocky and Rocky telling him "let's go right now." Not sure what that means, but it looks like Rocky is good and pissed and Dreamz will be playing the role of Clubber Lang.

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