Survivor: Fiji

Let's Just Call Jeff on the Phone

By Jim Van Nest

March 6, 2007

Goodbye, Moto.

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Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Yau Man gets another clue to find the hidden immunity idol. The clue suggests that they may be sleeping on it. He can't wait to get back, but has no idea how he'll do it in the middle of camp.

Over at Moto, Liliana finally makes her presence known. She's dishing out backrubs and trying to be all sexy. Lisi, however, she knows what Liliana's up to. And I can see why she'd make that comment, considering how stealthy Liliana is being. *rolls eyes* The next day, we're back to Gary. The dude is messed up. The medical team shows up again. I can't help but think he's toast. This is two visits from the meds; he's got to be so messed up that he'll have to leave. The med team basically tells him that they can't do anything else for him there, but there's nothing serious going on. Gary chooses to be evacuated. And again, showing her class, Lisi tells us that there's one less person. Alex is concerned about the next challenge. With Gary gone, if they lose the challenge, the tribes are tied again. Ah....dreams.

We come back to Ravu and Rocky is telling us how he's going crazy. He says he's gonna start leading by example. The girls come back with tree mail that suggests teamwork is huge in this challenge. As she's reading, Rocky walks up to them naked. He has decided to try to be funny to get the team fired up.


Probst sighting! To further fire the team up, Rocky wears a pink bikini top to the challenge. Jeff even comments on how good the spirits seem to be for the winless Ravu. He brings in the Moto tribe and tells them that Gary had to leave the game. And I have to say, Ravu looks more upset about it than some of the Moto tribe. There will still be an immunity challenge. Woo hoo!

This challenge is kind of long. Four people will be in locked cages. One member will race out and unlock the first member. Then it basically turns into an obstacle course as the freed member has to go through something to unlock the next. Once all four are out, the last person will hop in a boat with the sixth member of the tribe and collect the four people stranded behind. Once back to shore, those six will form a human pyramid with the person on top unlocking the final cage. Once all seven members are on the mat, they've won. They've won immunity and a sealed bottle that they will open and read when the challenge is over. Lisi will sit out for Moto.

Edgardo (who?) and Rocky start out. Edgardo gets to his cage first and frees Dreamz. Rocky frees Yau Man. Alex gets free while Yau Man falls behind. He gets Rita out while Alex gets Boo free. Boo gains even more ground. Liliana is free and they get on the boat and Rita still hasn't gotten to her cage. Mookie makes up a lot of time, but I can't imagine it'll be enough. Ravu is at least on the boat now. Moto gets to the beach first, as usual. Ravu is actually pretty close behind. Stacy can't seem to find the right key for Moto and this allows Ravu to get back in it. Michelle is on top for Ravu but Stacy finally gets her cage open and Moto wins yet again. Time to read the note. And HOLY COW, the note says that Moto has a choice to make. They can keep their immunity and go back to Ravu beach to live. Or they can give up immunity and continue to live in comfort. He gives them some time to decide and they come back with the decision to keep their camp. They have to hand over immunity to Ravu...which means the tribes are now tied.

Ok, I have to break from the recap for a minute for a few things.

1) I hate, hate, hate the haves-have nots idea. It's a remarkable failure. They give one tribe everything and one tribe nothing and they almost seemed surprised that the weaker, malnourished team is losing. Not only does it set the viewers up to automatically not like half the Survivors, but it sets such an unfair advantage for one tribe that the weaker tribe will not have a chance in hell of making up the difference. And I can't say this enough - it's TERRIBLE television. Who wants to watch one group of people sleeping in hammocks and dining on great food, while the other tribe is sucking water off plant leaves to keep from dying of thirst? No one, that's who. I honestly have gotten myself so worked up about this, I think I've developed an aneurysm.

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