The Amazing Race All-Stars Epsiode Two

Sometimes Beauty is Skin Deep

By Reagen Sulewski

March 5, 2007

Sour grapes taste bad.

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Leg two of the Amazing Race All-stars starts back in Ecuador at the base of an active volcano, an apt metaphor for a country that is threatening to eat one team alive already. After falling and injuring himself last leg, Drew is now suffering from altitude sickness and has to take on oxygen four times. This would be the time for Evil Phil to break out the mountain climbing detour.

America's favorite fame whores, Rob & Amber, lead the way out of the gate by virtue of winning the first leg, and are sent to Santiago, Chile, just a hop, skip and a jump down the Andes. Their first stop there will be at the corporate headquarters of the world's largest copper mining company. The Amazing Race's product placements have gotten strange.

Their strategy continues to be being Rob & Amber, and letting the other teams obsess over them like a horror movie serial killer in reverse, constantly chasing them and putting themselves off their own games. It's hard to argue with success.

They're followed by the extremely mellow Oswald & Danny, who are unlikely to fall for this, Teri & Ian, a virtual time bomb ready to explode, Eric & Danielle, who probably just want to find a private tent somewhere, and Joe & Bill, proudly wearing their gay chip on their shoulders. "Who says gay men can't drive?" says Joe. Uh... no one, that I'm aware of. What an interesting and random non-stereotype.


Dustin (or Kandice. I still don't know the difference between them) feigns excitement at visiting an office tower as they leave the Pit Stop, leading the way for the second half of racers, including Uchenna & Joyce, Charla & Mirna and David & Mary. These two teams have formed an Tod Browning-esque alliance, which comes in handy when Mirna immediately gets her vehicle stuck in the mud. Finally, there's team M*A*S*H, Kevin in Drew, who are not only injured, but start out trailing. Drew, driving like a maniac, gets them stuck as well, forcing Kevin to try and pull them out, since there's no one left to help them. Strong like bull he is, and he get them out of the mud, only to have Drew forget that Kevin is still attached to the vehicle as he drives off. That's pretty close to our first Amazing Race fatality right there.

Hot ticket booking action follows, with Rob & Amber and Danny & Oswald getting a break by finding a flight with a 40-minute lead on every other team. The rest of the teams play the "Where's Rob & Amber" paranoia game, but catch a stroke of luck, as the early flight is delayed. On the second flight, Drew plays airline cop, pulling David & Mary's bags out first class storage, where they'd tried to get a head start. Go, you reverse class-warrior, you!

The delay proves costly for the first two teams, as they miss the early connection. For once, the great producer hand in the sky does not come down and rescue these teams, and they're left in a hole. The other teams get to the office tower to find the Roadblock, which has them search a boardroom for scrambled letters to find their next clue. What's next, Suduko?

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