The Amazing Race All-Stars Epsiode Two

Sometimes Beauty is Skin Deep

By Reagen Sulewski

March 5, 2007

Sour grapes taste bad.

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David & Mary pass them here, putting them in last place, so excellent move all around for them then. Charla then tries to make this out as some sort of moral question, and that their not being pretty makes them better people or something. Okay – and we'll see how long it takes for Mirna to play the girl card.

One bumpy and desolate ride later and Rob & Amber have won the second straight leg, with the prize being an offroad motorcycle. Danny & Oswald continue their strong showing, taking second again as well.

Kevin & Drew are holding things up for a few other teams at a gate, and Dustin & Kandice go around, pissing off a few more teams. Of course, this is not The Amazing Wait Your Turn. Uchenna & Joyce display their incredible ability to get lost whenever possible by missing their turn, dropping them back a few spots, but doesn't hurt them too badly. Joe & Bill make it in for third, with Eric & Danielle in fourth and Uchenna & Joyce in fifth.


The second half of the pack is decided by a stubborn Drew, who tragically misunderstands a direction. He sticks to 40 km/hr even after hitting the blacktop and watching the other teams blow by them. He really is an old woman. Charla & Mirna use up all of their supposed nice people karma points by passing David & Mary when they are in a theoretical alliance. For Mary, the game is apparently on, and we now have a bit of a race. Mirna is somehow pissed off at this. How dare you pass me after I passed you! Add in that they decide to just follow them and we're well into hypocrisy land.

The delicious irony adds some cherry flavored schadenfreude sauce when it turns out that they're going the wrong way. Dustin & Kandice have stopped and asked for directions, and watch the other teams go past them. Teri & Ian make a critical decision and follow the beauty queens, and these two teams finish sixth and seventh.

The three remaining teams seem to be fighting as to who can be more pathetic, randomly cutting each other off and yelling at each other. They might be the three least physically capable teams out there, so the turtle race that ensues is something to behold. Charla & Mirna get in for eighth, David & Mary just in for ninth, leaving Kevin & Drew to waddle in for tenth. Drew walks off the mat before he can be officially eliminated, and has just completely broken down. It's about as poor a show of sportsmanship as we've seen on the show. Remember when these guys were the fun team?

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