The Amazing Race All-Stars Epsiode Two

Sometimes Beauty is Skin Deep

By Reagen Sulewski

March 5, 2007

Sour grapes taste bad.

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Some of the teams use the "random word" strategy, while Dustin proves to be the smart one, figuring out that it's the pictures on the wall that are important. The destination is Chuquicamata, the world's largest copper mine. Suddenly we're on The Amazing 8th Grade Field Trip. Eventually a couple of teams twig on, but not before Rob & Amber and Danny & Oswald catch up. Mary, against all odds, is the cleverest one of the bunch, immediately writing down all the names on the pictures and comparing the strange letters, like Q. This task has resulted in an almost complete flip of the order coming in, with the first teams in ending up with mental blocks.

However, it's another pointless roadblock, as all ten teams are on the same plane out, and the only thing accomplished is drama and tension. Oh quiet, Bertram van Munster. Rob attempts to stir things up, but even Amber's sick of his routine at this point. When did she develop a spine?

After a cab race to the mine, it's time for the detour, which is a choice between tightening bolts on a giant industrial tire, or using a front-end loader to haul gravel. This Chilean mining company is making out like a bandit with the cheap labor. Rob chooses the gravel task since he has experience in driving machinery, while the beauty queens go for the other task, since they have experience in handling nuts.

Charla & Mirna have their first crazy bit of drama, as Charla runs for a stepping stool since the tire is about ten feet tall, and she's pushing about three. Mirna seems completely unaware of why this would be necessary and then starts complaining about her hands cracking or something. Maybe she really is made of porcelain.


Rob & Amber make it through the Detour first (these guys are charmed), and are directed to the Pit Stop via the Valley of the Moon to the even more charmingly-named Valley of the Dead. They weren't really thinking about tourism, were they? They're not allowed to exceed 40 km/hr until they hit the blacktop again, so this will be a slow speed chase.

Danny & Oswald are the first to complete the nut tightening task, though it's proving to be a frustrating exercise for other teams, with Charla & Mirna at one point forming Master Blaster to get to the ones at the top. The lesson as always; choose brute force over repetitive detail whenever possible. The hot sun appears to be getting to a few teams, with Teri & Ian hopping in a cab to drive to the vehicles, about a 100-foot drive. David & Mary are last out of the Detour.

Charla & Mirna have hired a cab to take them to the Pit Stop and don't take kindly that their craven act of subverting the spirit of the show is being leeched off of. They get the driver to stop so that they can have a confrontation with Dustin and Kandice and threaten to just wait by the side of the road. Stupid nose! That'll show you! The beauty queens decided they've had enough of the crazy and head off, while Teri & Ian have also caught up at this point. Full on panic sets in for Mirna (admittedly, an hourly occurrence for her) and she throws all their money at the cab driver and then tries to offer food, I think. It's hard to tell over the screaming. Sex is probably not far behind. The cab driver doesn't really want any of this, but hey – break a deal and face the wheel!

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