Survivor: Fiji

This Isn't Survival, It's a Thrival

By Jim Van Nest

March 1, 2007

At this point, does anyone even care which person gets voted out?

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Hello, good people, and once again, welcome to the worldwide phenomenon known as the BOP Survivor recap. I have to be honest with you all; because that's the kind of love I have for you, when I say that this season of Survivor has not started off well. When my lone highlight involves a person who calls himself Boo falling on his head when his hammock breaks, you know the season is not heading in a good direction.

The haves vs. have-nots plan is not working out nearly as nicely as the racial tribes or boys vs. girls or old vs. young or...well, really any other plan they've had for this show. Let's see, last week one tribe was really hungry while one tribe lived like kings. There was a challenge and the spoiled tribe came away victorious and the hungry tribe jettisoned Macy Gray. The previews for this week have hinted to someone possibly injuring himself out of the game. Dare I guess Boo? I somehow have the feeling that those previews will turn out to be misleading and we will, in fact, be stuck with all of these people for several more weeks. Oh well, here's hoping.

We begin at Ravu after Tribal. Yau Man is telling us how hard it's getting for them and how they're not very connected as a tribe. Rita and Michelle say they're gonna try to start fire tomorrow. Rocky tries to get everyone to agree to talk one at a time during the next challenge. This tribe is just hurting in almost every possible sense of the word. Cue the opening theme...


At Moto, we get to see the flip side. They're actually painting their shelter. The thought is it will seal the wood and keep the ants out. I think these people just have too much frickin' time on their hands. What follows is a montage about how great it is at Moto, complete with Boo naming this episode, "This isn't survival, it's thrival." I really don't like these people.

Back at Ravu, Big Earl returns from Exile Island to find his tribe as messed up as it was when he left. He gets grilled about hidden idol clues and he gives no info. Michelle and Rita get started trying to make a fire. They wait for the sun to be high in the sky and Michelle uses some glasses to try to ignite some coconut threads. After a short time, we have flamage. Michelle passes it off to Anthony, who nurses the tiny flame into a blaze. And Ravu has fire. And they didn't need Jeff and his little flint to get it. Speaking of...

Probst sighting! Jeff asks Ravu how things are going. Rocky tells them that Michelle started a fire and they boiled some water. Jeff praises them as one of the few tribes to ever start fire on their own. Since they have fire, they earn their flint and no longer have to play for it in every challenge. And across Survivor universe, there is much rejoicing. With the celebration over, it's time to get to the challenge.

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