Survivor: Fiji

This Isn't Survival, It's a Thrival

By Jim Van Nest

March 1, 2007

At this point, does anyone even care which person gets voted out?

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We come back to camp with Ravu and it's time to play It's Anyone But Sylvia. She decides to speak up to apologize for her performance in the reward challenge. She feels like she's a target and she has to find the idol. Anthony and Yau Man are discussing whether or not Sylvia has the idol. They determine that she does not, but they're still not sure. Rita and Rocky are talking about Sylvia, but they have Anthony as a backup plan, in case she has the idol. So they're basically splitting the votes between the two of them. Rita, however, doesn't want to vote for either one of them, so she's going to do something against the tribe. Mookie is also ready for Anthony to go. He doesn't think Anthony is putting forth a very good effort. Michelle and Sylvia are brought into the Anthony plan with Mookie. So as it is, I have no idea who's actually voting for who at this point. All I do know is that Sylvia has decided to dig for the idol in broad daylight no matter who's watching. Yeah...good luck with that.

Tribal starts off with a poll. What's the state of the tribe? Tired. Bad. Hungry. Tired. Mookie states the obvious...this tribe has to win a challenge. Jeff then points out how Sylvia was bad in the reward challenge. She agrees. He then asks Anthony about his match-up with Gary. Anthony says he simply couldn't swallow it that he had no saliva. Um, no. You were pretty grossed out, dude. Rocky is asked about trust. He says trust becomes more important to help you pull out a win. Jeff then asks Anthony if Mookie is trustworthy. Anthony says yeah he thinks so. Jeff asks Mookie about that and he let it out. He says that he was frustrated with Anthony after that challenge. He says that Anthony had a little piece of snout and he should have willed it down. Naturally, Jeff goes back to Anthony and tells him that Mookie just questioned his will to win. Anthony takes the high road and says he has the will to win and that he's sorry he pissed him off. Last thing to talk about is the hidden idol. He asks Rocky what the mood was, knowing that Sylvia has three clues to find the idol. Rocky says that of course they're concerned about it, because no one knows. And it's time to vote.


Mookie votes for Anthony, saying it's his attitude not his will. Michelle votes for Sylvia, saying she wants to know if she has the idol or not. And now, Jeff will tally the votes. He asks for the idol and after some very dramatic music, no one cops to having it. Sylvia, Anthony, Sylvia, Anthony, Sylvia, Anthony. We're tied 3-3. Next vote, Earl (okay, Rita...that makes no sense)???? One vote left. The third person voted out of Survivor: Fiji...Sylvia. And it's about time.

Next time on Survivor: Gary's health is not improving. We finally learn who Liliana is as she tries to woo the men. And Anthony gets some more verbal abuse. Yay! So, until next week, take care!

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