Survivor: Fiji

This Isn't Survival, It's a Thrival

By Jim Van Nest

March 1, 2007

At this point, does anyone even care which person gets voted out?

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This challenge is a race. They will race down a slippery course to get a numbered ball. The number of the ball will be randomly chosen by Jeff. First person to get their ball in a basket gets a point. First tribe to get six points wins reward and a choice. They can either take their luxury items, a duplicate set of fishing gear that Moto won, or the third choice, which is a whole bunch of fresh fruit. And we have the Exile Island thing. Except the person sent to Exile will not be immune at Tribal. Lisi will sit out for Moto.

It's Anthony versus Gary (he's the older guy they call Papa Smurf) in Round 1. Anthony starts off diving and sliding down the course, while Gary stays upright and takes a couple of nasty spills. With the different approaches, they both end up at the basket at the same time. After a couple of misses each, Gary scores the first point for Moto. Round 2 is Rita v Cassandra. Cassandra takes a nasty fall but her momentum carries her to the ball, where she gets her own and knocks down Rita's. As they both take their shots, Rita scores the first point for Ravu. Round 3 is the battle of stupid nicknames as Rocky and Boo square off. They take off and Boo just goes like a madman and is up with his ball and scores before Rocky even got to his ball. I'm kinda surprised he didn't spike himself or something. Michelle and Stacy are Round 4. They're in slo-mo compared to the rest. The girls are pretty even and Stacy finally makes the shot. 3-1 Moto. Alex and Mookie hook up for Round 5. They emulate Boo down the course with Mookie taking the lead and scoring the point. Sylvia and someone named Liliana are in round 6. Sylvia takes a tough spill and is essentially out of the running almost immediately. Liliana gets several shots before Sylvia gets to the line and finally hits. 4-2 Moto. Earl and Edgardo (who?) are next. They're pretty even with Edgardo making the lucky shot first. 5-2 Moto and Dreamz is up against Yau Man. That should be close. Amazingly enough, they stay neck and neck and it comes down to who can hit first. After several tries each, Dreamz finally connects and Moto remains undefeated. And in an odd twist, Moto chooses more fishing gear and sends Sylvia back to Exile Island. Is this a "Red Sox sign the guy just so the Yankees can't have him" situation and they're hoping that there won't be a third set of fishing gear? Seems silly to me...why not take the luxury items for a bit of home away from home?


We come back from break to Sylvia on Exile Isl...zzzzzzzzzzzz. Huh? A clue? The third clue tells Sylvia that the idol is hidden deep under the cave in the middle of camp. How about telling her right where it is? Very interesting indeed...especially since she's the most likely to be voted out at the next Tribal. Now, will she be able to search without anyone seeing her...that is the question?

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