Survivor: Cook Islands

I Have The Advantage

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2006

BOP speculates that was not the first time she got nekkid with multiple guys at once.

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Hello good people and welcome back to the Cook Islands. Previously on Survivor, Parvati cut the dickens out of her finger, won a reward, sent Jonathan to Exile Island and got to hang out with her dad for a day. There was food hiding, food unhiding, native women diving into a sacred pool and oh yeah, Jonathan finally got sent packing. If you ask me, and I'll ask me, I'm not too thrilled with that strategy by the Aitu 4. Jon was a going to be a loyal vote the rest of the way and I think they really screwed the pooch by keeping Adam and Parvati in the game. But, what do I know? I'm just a guy who hasn't been good enough to get on the show. The previews this week showed everyone going after Ozzy. Let's see how that turns out.

We begin the day after Jonathan's ouster. Parvati and Adam are very happy that Jonathan is gone, but they know that they are the underdogs and have to start winning challenges. Parvati has decided she's going to try to get someone to turn to her side. We come back from the opening to Yul reading Tree Mail. The winner will get a nice one day vacation from camp life, but they'll have to get dirty to do it. Yul wonders if it's some kind of mud wrestling challenge.

Probst sighting!! The challenge is a simple one. The Survivors will dive into a mud pit and cover their body with mud. They'll race back and scrape it off into a bucket. They are not allowed to carry mud in their arms or hands. The person to have the most mud in their bucket after 10 minutes will win a spa day. They'll get a shower. They'll get to wash their clothes and there will be a ton of food. Winner gets to send someone to Exile Island and the people that finish 2md and 3rd also get to go on the reward. This is a tough challenge to recap as there's no real way to tell who's winning. As time goes on, though, it begins to be apparent that Ozzy is in the process of dominating once again. To back this up, when the challenge ends, Jeff weighs Ozzy's bucket. 45 pounds. Second place is Parvati at 24 pounds with Yul in 3rd at 22.5 pounds. As usual, Ozzy just can't be beat. First matter of business, Ozzy sends Adam to Exile Island. I'll stop here to say that this could not have worked out any better for Aitu. Sundra and Becky will be alone at camp, while Adam is stuck on Exile. Yul and Ozzy will go on the reward with Parvati. And while very cute and manipulative, she's unfortunately hanging out with a couple guys who know where their bread is buttered. Swaying either one of them seems like it would be a lost cause.

At camp, Becky and Sundra talk about Ozzy's win. Becky has decided that Ozzy really has to go. She sees how competitive he is and how dominant he's been. Sundra agrees and they decide to talk to Yul about changing the order of the vote.


We join the reward-ers on a helicopter to the spa. Parvati has decided that Ozzy is her only hope for switching up the game. But she's not feeling too confident. The first thing they all do is shower. Then it's time for the massage.

We break into the feel good portion of our show to join Adam at Exile Island. He whines a little, it rains a lot and there goes a few minutes of my life I'll never get back.

We'll now rejoin the reward dinner already in progress. Parvati is trying to bond with Ozzy. He tells her that she's in the position he was in, the "have to win" position. Parvati has decided to try to get as close to Ozzy as she can. After a power outage, some tribal musicians and dancers come in to perform. With the show over, it's time for champagne and nekkid hot tubbing. Parvati is flirting so hard that even Yul is commenting on it. Ozzy tells us he's playing for himself like he has been from day 1. He may play the game with Parvati if it's to his advantage.

We come back to camp as the reward 3 return. While they were gone, Becky has become determined that Ozzy has to go. She's bummed that Yul has been gone and she couldn't talk to him about it. Yul can feel the tension and takes Becky aside right away. She spills it about Ozzy. She tells Yul that Ozzy isn't just beating them, he's beating them badly. Yul tells us that he does not want to go to the final 2 with Ozzy. He is a guy that needs to go because, "he's playing a straight up game and doing a helluva job of it."

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