Survivor: Cook Islands

I Have The Advantage

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2006

BOP speculates that was not the first time she got nekkid with multiple guys at once.

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Yul and Sundra are then talking and Yul wonders where Parvati is. Sundra tells him she's sleeping after her hard day at the spa. She asks how Parvati was on the reward. Yul admits that he has totally underestimated her and that he sees her as a bigger threat. He's worried that she'll get to Ozzy. Sundra seems to agree with him.

Probst sighting!! The immunity challenge is a fun one. Survivors will carry some game board pieces across a very narrow balance beam. Once they have all 4 of their bundles across the beams, they will create a table maze (think of the old game Labyrinth). Once the board is complete, they'll have to maneuver 2 balls into the far corner pockets of the board, avoiding all of the decoy holes along the way. Survivors ready?

While Sundra, Parvati, Adam and Yul all struggle with the balance beams, Becky gets one bundle across and Ozzy gets 2. Yet another challenge perfectly made for Ozzy. Ozzy gets his 4 bundles before anyone even gets 3. Yul has figured out the secret. He puts the puzzle pieces on his head and then balances across the beam. Yul finally gets his 4th bundle across and it's a 2 man race. Ozzy and Yul finish their puzzles at the same time, but Yul's is put together wrong. And that's plenty of time to allow Ozzy to get both of his balls through the maze. Ozzy...wins immunity. Not that it really matters, but Adam and Sundra never did make it across the beam.

And now it's time to play "It's Anyone But Parvati." Right off the bat, Adam comes to Yul to see if he's going home tonight. Yul admits that he thinks Parvati is the one to go. He tells Adam that if he wants to stay, he'll stay. He's pretty sure he can make it happen. Adam would like for both he and Parvati to remain in the game, but since that's not possible, he'd rather stay than go. Parvati then goes to Yul and he tells her that she's starting to become more of a threat than Adam. But in HIS opinion he sees Adam as a bigger threat. I was real keen to listen to this, and to be sure, Yul told Adam he'd try to keep him there. He never makes that promise to Parvati. So while he told each person what they wanted to hear, he made sure to only commit to one of them.

With the knowledge that she is probably leaving, it's time to make a move. She goes after Ozzy. Adam starts talking about who to vote for. He's voting Sundra. Ozzy says he hasn't decided yet. Ozzy says it'll be hard to vote for one of his alliance mates as he'd be the next to go if that happens. As they talk in the shelter, Sundra notices them. Yul decides someone needs to go break it up before they can work over Ozzy. Yul takes Adam into the shelter and actually says, "I know you guys are playing the game, but don't to get Ozzy against us." I hate to have to say this because you all know that Yul is my favorite.

But in the interest of being fair I have to say: Yul! Buddy! Get over yourself already. Did you honestly just go in and tell Adam to stop trying to save himself? I mean, I know you think you deserve to win and for the most part, I agree. But are you really suggesting that Adam just accept his fate because YOU think you deserve to win? I've heard some conceited things over the 13 season history of this show and other than Hatch's "They should just put my name on the check now" comment in Season 1, Episode 1, this may be the most conceited thing I've heard anyone say. That all being said...I hope it works, because I want to see the Aitu 4 continue on. And the only fair Final 2 for this season would be Yul and Ozzy. 2 of the best ever duking it out for a million bucks. That would be fun to watch.


Adam realizes that Yul is saving him right now, but he still feels uneasy about the vote tonight. Before Tribal, Yul decided he would take Jonathan his hat. After the vote last week, Jon asked for his hat back. So Yul decides to take it to Tribal.

As they arrive at the Tribal Council area, Yul sets the hat down on one of the benches and takes his seat. Personally, I think that's a good move. That way, the jury doesn't see who brought it in and it can't be viewed as a lame attempt to kiss the ass of a jury member. Well done, Yul. So naturally, ad the jury sits down, Jeff points out that Yul brought the hat in what he called, "Quite possibly the boldest move I've seen yet from someone trying to win a vote..." He asks Yul about it and Yul says that the hat has sentimental value and that Jonathan wanted it.

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