Survivor: Cook Islands

I Have The Advantage

By Jim Van Nest

December 15, 2006

BOP speculates that was not the first time she got nekkid with multiple guys at once.

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Jeff points out that a couple days after blindsiding him he's now bringing his hat back to him. There's much discussion on whether or not Yul might be trying to land a jury vote by doing this. It goes on long enough that Yul finally raises his hand to speak. He finally admits that bringing the hat back serves 2 purposes. Getting the man his hat back and possibly gaining his favor back on the jury. I'm just so curious why he doesn't point out the fact that he set it on the bench anonymously and that only because Jeff brought it up does Jonathan even know who set it there. Next topic was whether or not Parvati bonded on the reward. And she goes right into flirt mode. And it's this mode that makes me not like her even one little bit. Jeff asks Adam why he's still in the game, since he seems to be the biggest threat "on paper." Adam is quick to point out that he's sucked in the challenges.

The next question is a big one. Jeff asks Yul if he's starting to be concerned about Ozzy winning all of the challenges. This is the closest thing I've heard to a "jury style" question in a long time. I hope Yul is treating this like the practice that it is. And Yul hits it out of the park. He essentially says that Ozzy's wins have been a large factor in the tribe getting as far as they have. He also says that they're very tight internally and that they'll get farther playing together than they would playing individually. I don't know that he could have said that any better. He acknowledged Ozzy's domination while making it seem like deep down he's still rooting for the guy. Excellent answer to a pretty tough "put a guy on the spot" question. As he finishes his sentence, Parvati exchanges a glance with the jury that basically says, "See? This guy is frickin good!" And now it's time to vote. Ozzy, you keeping the necklace? "Oh hell yeah."


The only vote we see is Parvati voting for Sundra. We hear the audio of Yul's vote saying that he had underestimated this person. One can pretty much assume he means Parvati. So, it looks like it's down to Sundra vs. Parvati. Let's tally the votes. And the 15th person voted out of Survivor: Cook Islands is Parvati, by a score of 4-2.

Programming note: This Sunday, December 17 is the 3-hour Survivor finale. Well, 2-hour finale and then the reunion special. Please don't let the fact that there are 5 people left fool you, the finale is this Sunday.

Next time on Survivor: We're down to the Final 5 and the final show. They don't give us much in the way of highlights, but there is one interesting thing. The voiceover says, "5 castaways remain, 3 Tribal Councils, only 1 Survivor. And the biggest surprise yet." Now, I'm pretty good with math and something just isn't adding up. If there are 5 people left, shouldn't there be 4 Tribal Councils left? The first vote would know them down to 4. The second would knock them to 3. The next one will get you your final two. And the 4th and final Tribal would be the one in front of the jury. So, is it safe for me to deduce that if there's only 3 Tribals and "the biggest surprise yet"...are they saying that there's a Final 3 and not a Final 2? Who knows? I'm just glad that I only have to wait a couple days instead of a week!! And with that, I'll bid you a fond farewell. Until Sunday, take care..

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