Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers - Episode 1 Recap

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

By Jim Van Nest

September 28, 2017

We hardly knew ye.

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After the break, we return to Day 3 for our first real "Probst Sighting!" The first immunity challenge is an obstacle course of sorts. They'll race up a cargo net to a platform. They'll then pull a roller coaster cart to the top and ride down the track. First tribe to get all 6 people on their mat will have first choice of 1 of 3 different table mazes. Second tribe gets second choice; third tribe gets the last table. They'll pull that table up to the top of another platform and then work to get 3 balls through the maze. First 2 tribes to get all 3 balls locked in win immunity and will not go to the first Tribal Council. Jeff also points out that the Hustlers are also playing for flint - so not losing will finally get them the fire that they need. Readers ready??? GO!

The challenge starts off the way you would expect it to. Heroes and Healers trading off of first place while the Hustlers trail. But, in fairness, it's very close as the coaster carts come down the rails. Heroes get to the puzzle first, Hustlers second and Healers third. The Heroes choose what looks to be the hardest maze to carry to the top. Hustlers take the medium one...essentially leaving the easiest of the table mazes for the Healers tribe. I'm kinda blown away. Chrissy and Ben manage the maze for the Heroes. Dr. Mike and Desi for the Healers. Devon and Ali are maneuvering the table for the Hustlers. After a quick drop, Roark figures out the trick to the Healers table. And after that, the Healers pretty well run away with this winning the challenge. The race is for 2nd place and the Hustlers and Heroes drop their second ball in place at almost the same time. As each team races to finish the challenge, both teams run the ball around the rim of the final hole, but when the dust settles, the Hustlers upset the Heroes and take second place in the challenge. The Heroes will be going to the first Tribal Council of Survivor 35. Whoa! I'm shocked. In case you weren't sure how demanding some of these challenges are, Chrissy is down on all 4 and once Jeff sees her, she throws up. Just got a little exhausted. She didn't even have medical come out...cause she's a warrior!! After a couple minutes, she's up on feet and everyone heads back to camp. As we head to commercial, Ryan tells us that he now has to give his idol to someone on the Heroes tribe. He's not sure yet who it will be, but he hopes that he's able to change the course of the game with whatever his choice is.


We are brought back to Heroes beach with some more amazing whale footage. LOVE IT!! Naturally, they're all bummed out about losing and having to vote someone out. Not to mention that the person voted out gets the distinction of being the first one out of the season and no one EVER wants that. Ashley tells us that prior to last night, this was going to be the easiest vote ever. But after Alan's display, there's no trust anywhere and everything seems all messed up. Chrissy and Katrina head out to get wood and Ben tries to solidify plans. They all agree on the target, though it's not made clear which of the 2 women they chose. Alan tells us that they think he's with them, but he's gonna try to blow them (Ashley and JP) up. So Katrina comes to talk to Alan and he claims that no one has been talking game to him at all. Katrina says the same thing and then so does Chrissy. So, they're all worried about who's going home. Of course, Alan's lying, but the ladies are 100% not lying. They know they're in trouble. It was their biggest fear before the game even started. Ben joins the conversation and they create a shaky pact to vote out Ashley. So, with everything up in the air, here's what we know for sure: Ben tells us that he and Alan are in the middle of everything and can either go with the "Mom Squad" or Ashley and JP. It just depends on who they can trust. So, despite how flipping insane Alan went, somehow he's sitting in a swing vote position. Because as far as we've seen, Ashley and JP have made no move to Katrina or Chrissy to pull them in for a vote of Alan. This is really crazy to me. How he managed to go ape shit and doesn't seem to be on the block. As they prepare for Tribal, Chrissy finds a package in her bag. She opens it up to find the Super Idol that Ryan found. Looking at the note - because I paused the screen - the note remains the same. This idol will save whomever you play it for. So, the votes don't have to be on Chrissy for this thing to be in play. So, with a new life in the game, Chrissy is feeling much better heading into Tribal Council.

We arrive at Tribal Council and everyone gets their torch and fire. When you have fire, you have life in the game. When you're fire is out, so are you. Ben says that he was surprised by how fast the game moves. Chrissy and Katrina admit to feeling like they didn't fit in because everyone else is younger and stronger. Ashley brings up the commotion that Alan started with her and JP. Alan confirms that what she says is true. And despite their denials of having an idol, he claims to still not believe them, even though JP stripped down to prove it. Chrissy says the worry is that their tribe has a power couple, which Ashley finds to be completely ridiculous this early in the game. JP has damn near nothing to say. And if you're to believe the chatter on the interwebs, his conduct and refusal to give more than a short couple word vague answer to any question was starting to irritate the host with the most. Alan throws it out there that Katrina or Chrissy have been talked about as the vote. And he just didn't want to sit back and let something happen that actually hurts the tribe. At this point, even Ben isn't exactly sure what's going to happen. And with that, it's time to vote. We actually see no votes this time, odd for a first Tribal.

Jeff tallies and counts the votes. He gives them the chance to play an idol if they have one, and no one does. As the votes come up, it's 1 vote Ashley and 5 votes Katrina. Katrina is the first person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. And considering she voted for Katrina, Chrissy stands pat with her Super Idol and lets Katrina walk. Some may say this was a bad move to let her #1 ally leave the game when she could have saved her. I don't agree. Saving Katrina does nothing to help Chrissy. They'd still be at a 3-2 numbers disadvantage AND she would have deceived the rest of the Tribe making them even surer that she needs to go. Also, by not playing this thing, she now has the single greatest fake immunity idol in the history of the game. If she plays this thing right, this idol can have benefits for her down the road. It could be saving her for many Tribal Councils, not just this first one. I applaud her for the non-play here and can't wait to see what else she has in store.

Next time on, Survivor: Ben and Chrissy look to form a NEW power couple at Heroes Beach. Healers Cole and Jessica have a budding romance at Healers Beach and a bad break up over at Hustler Beach as Patrick's nutso antics are making Ali rethink her alliance with him.

And that'll do it for me kids...thanks so much for reading and I look forward to another awesome season recapping Survivor. I'll see y'all next week. Til then, take care!

As always, follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think of the recap and what you think of my assessments. I'm: @vannestjc

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