Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers - Episode 1 Recap

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

By Jim Van Nest

September 28, 2017

We hardly knew ye.

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Jeff addresses the yellow tribe and lets them know that they are the "Healers". They all nod in appreciation. He talks to the big dude in the middle who tells us his name is Cole. He says he's a wilderness therapy guide and that he takes disadvantaged teens that struggle with addiction and take them out into the wilderness as a way to help them get over their issues and start to make a new life. Jeff also talks to Dr. Mike down in front. He says that he is a "sex doctor" and then goes on to explain that he's a urologist that specializes in male sexual issues. Jeff suggests that he must get a lot of thanks in his real life. He admits that people are usually pretty happy after they've seen him. He tells us in confessional that his wife thinks he's crazy and that his kids think he's going to die. He, however, is determined to rise to the occasion.

On to the final group, the red tribe. Jeff tells them they're the "Hustlers." Oddly enough, none of them seem too excited about that title until Probst starts explaining it a little. He says they're the hard workers always busting their butts and that their mantra is get it done, 100% all the time. NOW, he has them. They all seem a little more onboard for the title now. He picks out the girl in the middle and she tells us her name is Ali and that she's a personal assistant for a YouTube star. She lets us know that every day brings a different challenge and she is constantly running to keep up with the demands of her employer. Ryan, the turtleneck wearing Cochran wannabe, tells us that he thinks his tribe is a pretty strong looking bunch. He hopes that they all know how to build shelter and open coconuts and things. He tells us he's 125 pounds, doesn't drink and has no girlfriend, so they'll all be lining up to align with him. See? Cochran.


Jeff hands out the buffs and everyone gets ready to begin. They will have a traditional marooning. Tons of supplies (including a secret advantage) are all over the deck of the ship. On Jeff's "go" they'll collect as much from the big boat as they can and throw it overboard into a smaller boat. But, there's an additional challenge here. When Jeff rings a bell, they'll be done getting supplies and will race to get all 6 tribe members in their boats with their supplies. They'll then race to the shore where a huge fire urn is being held up in the sky. When they get there, the first tribe to get a person up to the urn to light a torch will win a huge fire-making kit that will be waiting for them back at camp. The second team to light their torch will get a flint. Last place team - he's got nothing for ya!

On Jeff's word, there is a mad dash for supplies and they just start slinging things overboard. Crates of fruits and vegetables with no lid are tossed into the water - as if they'll stay in their crates. Very odd way of doing things, it would seem. And just like that, people start jumping overboard. Um...what? This boat is chock full of stuff and as soon as you leave the boat, you can't get anything else. Not very smart. I get it - adrenaline and stuff - but be smarter. You need to do like Patrick and Ryan - don't jump until Probst makes you. Because they stayed behind, Patrick was able to throw one more huge crate overboard and Ryan was able to spot, grab and hide the elusive "secret advantage". You can NEVER underestimate having presence of mind. Yes, it's exciting. Yes, it's a dream come true. But you cannot let that cloud your mind. Always being thinking, always be looking, always be playing. Congrats to Ryan on scoring the advantage - I guess we'll see later what kind of crazy legacy nonsense they've come up with for this season.

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