Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers - Episode 1 Recap

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

By Jim Van Nest

September 28, 2017

We hardly knew ye.

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When the group is back together, Patrick wonders aloud who found the clue on the boat. He says he knows one was there and he's wondering who, if anyone found it. This is the perfect segue-way into Ryan telling us that HE found the clue on the boat. We follow him as he gets away from the group so he can open it up and see what it is. He has found a Super Idol that can be played after the votes have been read and will save whoever he plays it for. But, there's a catch. It can only be played at the very first Tribal. And if his tribe doesn't go to Tribal, he has to will it to someone on the tribe that DOES go to Tribal. Very interesting! He's super excited about his #SuperIdol. He might be a little overboard with the power though. It's probably a good thing that after Day 3, he'll lose it. One way or another. He definitely comes off as though he'll let this go to his head. So, for his game, I think he's better served to find something that expires so quickly.

We come back from break to check in again with the Healers on Day 2. They are just now starting to build their shelter. Um - what did you do the entire first day? Anyway, Desi tells us how well the tribe is gelling. Everything they're doing is just on point. Dr. Mike decides to take advice from his 10 year-old son and start hunting for an idol. He hides his searching under the guise of "checking the fire" and he goes off in search of salvation. This is the first step, he tells us, to winning the game and being the best Survivor player ever. Meanwhile, the absence of the GOAT has caught the attention of Joe. As we see the men meet up alone in the jungle, Joe is quick to ask Mike about a bulge in his pocket. Mike reveals a cord of rope from the package the buffs came in. He reveals more rope in his other pocket. Joe lets Mike know that the tribe is concerned about him running around looking for the idol. He does mention that he respects him enough to come to him 1 on 1 instead of calling him out in front of the tribe. Mike tells him he hasn't found an idol, but that he has been looking. He tells us that Joe came up to him trying to bully him into admitting he's been hunting for an idol. I really think he made a bad choice here. Joe DID come to him 1 on 1. That makes this an opportunity to lock in an ally. "Joe - I have been looking for an idol. This island is huge and I can't find anything. Ya know, if we worked together, I bet we could find it and we could take control of this game." It's that simple to pull someone in with you. Instead, Mike kinda leaves Joe out there as an adversary instead of possibly turning him into an ally.


Day 2 over at the Hustlers sees the tribe working more on their shelter and camp. Ryan is really enjoying Devon and thinks he might be looking for someone who is more strategic to align with. Once they're alone, Ryan shares his idol find with Devon. Including that it's only for the first vote...everything. Devon, who is playing the dumb surfer to perfection by the way, is pretty stoked. He tells us that he and Ryan are pretty much on the same wave and that they're going to cause so much chaos together. And there you have it - another alliance formed at Hustler beach.

How are the Heroes doing on Day 2? Well, it would seem that one of them has gone bat shit crazy within the first 36 hours of the game beginning. Alan is obsessed with calling out and breaking up JP and Ashley. Just insane. He wants to show everyone that they're too strong and he wants to show them that he's onto their devious scheme. To do that, he confronts them about having an idol. He tells them he KNOWS that JP has an idol. He makes JP turn out his pockets to prove he doesn't have it on him. He's asking them if they're 4 strong or not. And then not believing them when they both respond, "YES!" JP is thinking that Alan's strength isn't worth the craziness going on at camp right now. What's even crazier about all this is that Alan is actually doing this as strategy. He doesn't think they have an idol, but somehow, he seems to think that acting like a lunatic and hollering paranoid nonsense at these 2 is putting a target on THEIR back. Um, bruh - your plan? It ain't working. All they think is that you're a nutball that needs to go home. Before this inquisition ends, Alan has JP dropping trou to prove that he doesn't have an idol in his pants. Ashley is blown away and is ready to get Alan off their beach, if this is how he plans to play the game.

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