5 Ways to Fan Fest: Part One

By George Rose

September 21, 2017

Cue the Beach Boys...

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If I had asked for the $80 autograph/selfie combo then they definitely would have made sure to collect my money. I took this as a gift from God and decided to splurge on the next celebrity: Brandon Routh. I had always known I was going to get two autographs from him but decided to tag on a selfie purchase. It was perfect timing too because Travis had just joined up with me after attending a few panels earlier. This meant I could have him take the picture instead of an assistant. If a friend is there to hold the camera, they can take multiple pictures. This has less to do with scoring “free pictures” and more to do with making sure you get at least one picture that looks great. This line required a longer wait but Brandon was well worth it. I immediately told him he should still be Superman and he thanked me. Then I told him I didn’t understand why nobody liked his Superman and he seemed less pleased. Oh no, my filter was fading!

I handed the assistant $120 ($70 combo plus $50 second signing) and then handed Brandon my two Funko Pops (Clark Kent and Todd Ingram). He signed both and got up to take a picture with me at the booth. Travis took my phone and started taking pictures. This is where I blacked out. Suddenly, the people in line start laughing. Brandon’s assistant starts laughing. Travis is rapid fire taking pictures. I look up and Brandon thanks me for coming. I walk off with Travis and snatch my phone from him. There’s about a dozen pictures and they clearly tell a story. I start with a smile, lean in closer, SMELL HIS ARMPIT, throw my head back and roll my eyes in bliss, and then rest my head back on his shoulders as if to cuddle. I immediately take the pictures and turn them into a slideshow, which I have now watched like a hundred times.


Travis and I headed back to the “shopping” area and picked out a few new Funko Pops before going back to the hotel. Then I also grabbed one of the few event exclusive shirts available ($25) that said “A hero in the streets and a villain in the sheets.” I mean, how could I not buy that shirt? It was basically made just for me! Finally, we left the convention for the day. After five celebrity sightings and some shopping, I had spent about $400 and I still had another full day of the convention. You’d think this meant I had blown my whole load early and would have nothing fun to tell you about the subsequent 24 hours, right? No, not even close. There was Stephen Amell’s private party that evening, hosted by his Nocking Point wine company, with the promise of more celebrity sightings. Wine + George + Celebs = you’ll have to wait and see!

Check back next week to see how Heroes and Villains Fan Fest concludes. I’ll give you a quick post credit teaser, too, if it helps. What does George (that’s me), $20 worth of weed and Stephen Amell’s assistant have in common? Well, it just might be the single best convention experience ever to come out of a poor little degenerate like me. Stay tuned!

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