The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

We're Going to Victory Lane

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

June 5, 2017

He's smiling because he'll never have to hear her whine 'I can't do it!' again.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, the worst-case scenario happened. Brooke & Scott finished in first, which would be bad enough on its own except for the fact that we narrowed our teams down to three, and Matt & Redmond were the team eliminated. So, we’re faced with a finale of Brooke crying and saying, “I can’t do it, Scott!” Even worse, we’re faced with a finale where Brooke & Scott might win.

The other two teams racing for a million dollars include Tara & Joey and Logan & London. Tara & Joey have been among our favorites the entire season up to last week, when they suddenly turned heel on gamers. We still like them, but that dismissal of something they don’t understand is so very Baby Boomer (though both of them are actually Gen X-ers).

London & Logan have been a pleasant team if not super notable. They’ve always gotten along well and simply seem to be enjoying themselves on this trip around the world. The fact that they’re in the final three is kind of impressive given that they’re not particularly competitive (the other two teams, especially Brooke & Scott, are hyper-competitive, with Brooke & Scott being type-A personalities to the extreme and Tara & Joey being the first team to ever use the U-Turn twice in a single season).

And so, with our teams in place for this last leg of The Amazing Race, they’ll all be headed off to Chicago, which David frequently jokes is Kim’s hometown (it’s not – she’s from about two and a half hours south of the Windy City). The teams are flying premium class, and they toast to their combined successes and hopeful futures.


Phil jokes that this leg will begin with a pit stop once they land in Chicago. No, it’s not the end of the race, though an all out sprint from the airport to the finish line is something they ought to try at some point. Instead, teams will proceed to Chicagoland Speedway, where one member of the team will have to change a stock car tire in 40 seconds or less, while the other person must drive a lap in 48 seconds or less.

Right off the plane, Brooke & Scott are in the lead (of course). They note that they checked their backpacks so they wouldn’t have to carry them at the end of the race. As “superfans,” they know that any little advantage will be to their benefit.

Brooke does tire duty, while Scott will be the driver for their team. Although she initially says, “Love it!” to the lugnut drill, it’s not long before Brooke gets frustrated. She totally misses it on her first try, and then she curses through the second attempt.

Joey and London are handling tire duty for their teams, and both are just arriving as Brooke starts her litany of “I can’t do it!” On her fourth attempt she gets it, while Joey seems like a pit crew natural as he finishes his tire on the first shot.

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