The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

We're Going to Victory Lane

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

June 5, 2017

He's smiling because he'll never have to hear her whine 'I can't do it!' again.

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“Drive like a bat out of hell, dude,” Brooke tells Scott. Meanwhile, London on her first attempt is a bit slow and forgets to drop her drill (Joey yells at her to put it down). Scott misses his time by ten seconds on the first try. Joey thinks Tara is super lucky to be able to drive a racecar super fast. She’s slower than Scott by several seconds, though. London misses her time once again.

On his second lap, Scott misses the time by one second. Brooke cries. London gets her tire attached by the fourth try, and Tara misses her lap by a second, just like Scott. Speaking of Scott, it’s his third attempt and he finishes the lap in 45 seconds. So, Brooke & Scott are headed to #VictoryLane and popping some champagne.

Now, they have to go to Downtown Chicago and find the Monroe Street Station, one of the few below ground stops on the El. Once they get there they have to find a CTA employee who holds their next clue.

Logan’s first attempt is two seconds too slow. Tara gets herself and Joey to #VictoryLane with a 46-second finish, followed by Logan, who has the exact same time.

After walking right past the worker initially, Brooke eventually notices that the CTA worker’s hat has the Amazing Race colors and realizes he has their clue. Next up, the teams must solve three riddles that will eventually lead them to three landmarks. At those landmarks, they’ll collect postcards that give them a clue as to their next destination (the rooftop of City Hall).


The three riddles are as follows:
I have a gothic spire.
And I’m impervious to fire.
I’m 154 feet tall, look no hire.

I am tiered like a wedding cake.
From me, a drink you should not take.
To find me, look no further than the lake.

I stand in the twin corncobs’ shadow.
And control the Kupcinet bascule for thos below
Climb the steps to my operator, and you’ll be good to go.

Brooke & Scott approach a woman sitting on a bench and ask her if she knows Chicago landmarks. Instead, they wind up with a phone that allows them to do some internet searching. For the first one, I do a Google search for “154 foot tall gothic spire in Chicago,” and the answer is the water tower (which may not sound like a big deal but it’s actually quite well-known).

The second one is a little harder to find results for, but if you search for “wedding cake tiered landmark Chicago lake,” you eventually might find that it’s Buckingham Fountain. Scott figures that one out right away, to his credit.
For the third clue, a simple search for “Kupcinet bascule” yields an answer of Wabash Avenue Bridge.

Tara & Joey and Brooke & Scott get their answers at the same time. The former team just takes off, while Brooke & Scott look at a map and plot out their strategy. London & Logan are just happy to be there and thrilled to have a new clue in their hands.

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