The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

We're Going to Victory Lane

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

June 5, 2017

He's smiling because he'll never have to hear her whine 'I can't do it!' again.

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Brooke & Scott find the water tower quickly, and have already asked directions to the bridge. They go in the building, but there is no postcard to be found, which starts up the Brooke swear machine. They exit the building and Scott immediately notices a couple of guys who are playing chess happen to be in Amazing Race colors. He runs over to them and collects their first postcard.

The Wabash Avenue Bridge is “six blocks this way,” which causes Brooke to say she wants to die. Scott keeps her motivated by saying, “C’mon Brooke! A million dollars today!” They find the bridge operator, who hands them their second postcard.

We haven’t seen either of the other teams even find a postcard yet.

Brooke says she might not be able to run to the fountain, but Scott again asks, “Do you want a million dollars?” That’s all the motivation she needs.

At last, Tara & Joey have arrived at Buckingham Fountain, and observe a guy on a bike with the Amazing Race colors. He hands them their postcard and they are off to the Wabash Avenue Bridge, which Logan & London have just left.

Brooke & Scott have arrived near the fountain, and he continues chanting, “One million, one million” as they run the final bit of distance to get there. They now know that their next destination is the City Hall rooftop, where Michael, the city beekeeper is hanging out in a secret garden. Michael also happens to have their next clues.


Now is the time when Brooke cries. We know that’s not unusual or anything, but we guess we have to point it out.

London & Logan actually manage to find their three postcards ahead of Tara & Joey somehow, but we figure it’s pretty close. With the running the teams are having to do, Brooke & Scott’s decision to check their bags is looking pretty sharp right now. The other two are winded and tired.

Scott asks Brooke to jump on his back and she cries some more. We’re not sure if she’s insulted or irritated or worried about disappointing him or some combination of the three. The sounds she makes are shrill enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Tara & Joey are in the total wrong place as they try to locate the water tower, so they seem to be in some dire straits. A nice woman tells them where to go, though, so there’s still some hope.

At the top of city hall, Brooke & Scott receive their next clue, which send them to Wrigleyville Dogs. Once they arrive, they’ll need to pick up 10 hot dogs, which they’ll then deliver to a rooftop area overlooking Wrigley Field, home of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Those words just sound wrong, sort of like “Amazing Race winners Brooke & Scott.” Where’s a goat when you need it?

As they take a taxi to Wrigleyville, Brooke & Scott notice that Tara & Joey are still running down the road. The race leaders now know that they are most likely in first place. Donning their hot dog hats, the two of them must deliver hot dogs to people sitting at that rooftop area. They’ll then be handed tickets to Wrigley Field by former race winners Ernie & Cindy, natives of Chicago.

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