The Amazing Race Season 29

We're Coming for You, Phil!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 5, 2017

I'm lost.

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On their first attempt, Seth & Olive see the pro rowers breeze past them like the race is nothing. Brooke & Scott have joined #TeamFun at the arrow shoot challenge, and… well, Brooke & Scott are basically the antithesis of Becca & Floyd. They’re #TeamAntiFun, if you will. While they’re riding the boat to the challenge, Brooke is enjoying the sights, while Scott sulks and mumbles something about having to drive for three hours. Then, when he’s utterly unable to shoot the arrows, Brooke laughs at him obnoxiously. How do you think it’s going so far?

Becca & Floyd figure out the bow and arrow system pretty quickly, while Brooke & Scott ponder swapping tasks. Seth & Olive eventually finish Scoot on their third attempt, and receive a clue telling them to go ahead and go to the Pit Stop at Cinta Costera Tres. Phil is showing the Pit Stop at the 31-minute mark, showing how vast the separation is between the first group and the second group.

Like Brooke & Scott, London & Logan swap from Shoot to Scoot.

Meanwhile, #TheBoys show up for the rowing challenge and win on the first try. This frustrates Brooke, and she reveals her insecurity by telling Scott that he thinks she’s a physical liability. He pretends his disagrees in a way that confirms exactly what she’s thinking.

The first team to check in at the Pit Stop is #TeamAmerica (fuck yeah!), followed soon by #TeamFun. We forgot to mention earlier that Becca has a button that is a “Fun Meter.” She says that the meter is always over at maximum fun, and confirms that again as Phil checks them in.


Then, Matt & Redmond check in and they seem like perfect team members. Contrast that to Scott & Brooke, who finally finish their race and go to the Pit Stop. Phil needles them a little and it gets to them both a bit.

Shamir & Sara, a team we’ve barely seen this episode, are shown basically finishing in fifth. Vanck tells Ashton he’s super great at archery because he did it once in junior high school. She takes over, and he tries to give her instruction. Ashton suggests that maybe he should just be quiet and let her try it for a minute. Moments later, they decide to swap Detours.

A bunch of teams finish the rowing challenge – London & Logan, Tara & Joey, Vanck & Ashton and Jessie & Francesca are all finished and off to the mat where Phil is waiting for them.

That leaves Michael & Liz and #LongHairDontCare to duke it out for that final available spot, because Phil has noted that someone will be eliminated tonight. Michael & Liz aren’t able to shoot arrows, so they swap to the other challenge, where they almost instantly dump themselves in the water. Jenn & Kevin seem to be hopelessly lost.

Liz & Michael fail on their first attempt at racing, while Jenn & Kevin have finally arrived at the Detour. Liz tries to provide some pep for her team, and they finally grab a victory on their third attempt. They leave quickly, as Jenn & Kevin miss on their first try. At this point, they’re informed that the Detour will be closed for safety reasons, as it’s just too dark to compete. So, oddly, Jenn & Kevin arrive at the Pit Stop first, but they incur a two-hour penalty for not completing the Detour. Some SUPER fake drama ensues, but Liz & Michael obviously show up in time to send Jenn & Kevin packing. Jenn claims she’s gained a little sister in Kevin (eh?) and the two of them seem pretty breezy about their loss.

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