The Amazing Race Season 29

We're Coming for You, Phil!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 5, 2017

I'm lost.

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Teams must now go to the airport and take one of two flights to their first destination. Because Jessie & Francesca didn’t get to pick their partner, Phil gives them the advantage of driving them to the airport.

Once in their cabs, teams open their bags, and #TeamFun is beyond excited when they find the Express Pass. Their clue also reveals that the teams’ destination will be Panama City. #TeamFun then realizes that they both have Boulder, Colorado in common. Becca lives there and Floyd goes to school at CU. It’s like if Matt Damon discovered that there was another astronaut stuck on Mars.

There are a couple of memorable moments during the “getting to know you” phase. We can’t decide if Phil is trying to ease tension or stir things up between the #SwoleSisters, but they have forgotten their earlier fight and certainly don’t hold a grudge. Brook & Scott are trying to find commonalities. Scott mentions that he’s gay, and Brooke doesn’t miss a beat by suggesting that they be called “TeamWillandGrace.” At that moment, CBS flashes the hashtag #TeamBrookeandScott. Either they hate Brooke’s name idea or they remembered that Will and Grace was an NBC series.

Jenn wins the title of first person to make a vague ethnic slur. She tells Kevin that he’s Asian, and all Asians look like they’re 12. The look on their Asian cab driver’s face is priceless.

The five teams who are unlikely to be eliminated tonight are Matt & Redmond, Becca & Floyd, Brooke & Scott, London & Logan and Seth & Olive. All of them are on the first flight and would have to screw up horribly. All the other teams are in danger.


Once in Panama, the teams discover that no one seems to know where the Panama Canal is – including the residents of Panama City. At the canal, the teams are instructed to drive to the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, where they’ll search for a clue at the canopy tower.

The first team to panic is #TeamNotWillandNotGrace. They get lost and then stun us with their reaction. You’d think two accomplished professionals would handle adversity well. Instead, they panic and turn on each other.

On top of everything else, the second flight is delayed for an hour. Those five teams have no shat at finishing first. Ashton’s insecurities are on full display as Vanck navigates. He gives her an admittedly obtuse direction, telling her to look for a roundabout and then take a 135 degree right turn. In non-nerd, that’s like most of a U-Turn but not quite. She was promised that there would be no math on The Amazing Race. She tells him she has no idea what he means. Vanck’s reply is even more convoluted. We suspect he has picked up on her disappointment and is now trying to make Ashton feel stupid.

#TeamAmerica (fuck yeah!) arrives at the canopy tower first, where they are given their choice of Detour assignments – Shoot or Scoot. Shoot requires them to shoot makeshift arrows at some hanging artsy fish. Scoot means that they’re racing a professional rowing team. If they don’t win on the first try, they get an advantage. And then if they still don’t win, they get an even more significant advantage. Seth & Olive choose Scoot, while Becca & Floyd choose Shoot.

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