Survivor: Game Changers Recap

The Tables Have Turned

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

March 27, 2017

The game just got 85% less interesting.

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Hey, guess what! Tai’s looking for a hidden immunity idol. You won’t believe what happens next…

Well, he finds a clue rather than the idol. It’s basically a treasure map. Since Tai doesn’t have to worry about his tribemates stopping him from finding the idol, he can search with abandon. While we can’t prove that a Survivor cameraperson throws an idol right in front of him to ramp up the drama, we strongly suspect it. Survivor’s production team has destroyed the show with their constant meddling, with tonight merely the latest example. Tai finds an idol, thereby becoming one of the titular Game Changers. The real question is, “Does JT have psychic powers???”

Tai becomes the hero of Mana when he reveals the existence of his idol. The remaining debate is which player on their tribe will need the idol. Should they guess wrong, they lose a player, and Tai loses his idol. During Tribal Council, their goal will be to intuit which of them seems like the most likely target.

Tribal Council starts at the 43-minute mark, which we mention simply to say that a lot of discussion ensues. Culpepper starts by describing the vote as a Mexican standoff. He notes that one of his guns might not be pointed the right way, and the same is true of his opponents. Sandra quickly counters, “Jeff, all our guns are pointed at them.” Culpepper does NOT like that answer.

Sidenote: Sandra is the most confident player in the history of the game. She might be the most confident person in all of existence. And she’s right to be.


Culpepper has a weird Tribal Council. He correctly points out that the other tribe has too many threats. They should consider internal sabotage for this reason. It’s a perfect opportunity for someone like Malcolm to get rid of Sandra. Then, Culpepper turns around berates Hali, threatening to make her “Public Enemy #1” if she flips. She shows poise but is clearly annoyed by this, pointing out that it’s a horrible way to ask for someone’s loyalty.

Hali then opens a discussion that shows a lot of savvy. Survivor is a game of self-interest. She notes that since drawing rocks is a distinct possibility, a transparent discussion is the best way for everyone to avoid risking their own fate for the betterment of their tribe. Such a conversation should ultimately lead to Sandra’s ouster, but that’s not what happens. Sandra might realize this, as she retorts, “No, we don’t have no concerns.” Sierra is a bit catty with her comment, “It sounds like they don’t need you, Hali.” Perhaps she recognizes this, as she quickly adds that her tribe does need its lone wolf.

As Probst asks another question, Hali and Sierra enter into a whispering campaign. Sierra wants to know who the target is within her own tribe. Hali says something, and then she decides to speak up. She tells both tribes that she thinks that they should be eliminating physical threats right now. Sandra deciphers this as her wanting Brad Culpepper gone.

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