Survivor: Game Changers Recap

The Tables Have Turned

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

March 27, 2017

The game just got 85% less interesting.

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The only reason that might not happen is that Mana has only five players while Nuku has six. As long as Nuku players all stick together, a Mana player WILL go home tonight. Of course, what everyone should do is work together to take out Sandra before it’s too late.

We idly wonder whether we’ll even see Tavua the rest of the episode, which is just now halfway done.

Understandably, both tribes are confused by this turn of events. JT is cocky about it, pointing out that his tribe has numbers. We are BEGGING people to hear us about the arrogance thing. Anyway, JT reassures his tribe that he’s solid with them despite the fact that he’s ostensibly on the bottom. That’s because he believes that Malcolm is loyal to him; we agree with his assessment. It is a bit funny that the same two men who were just plotting against Sandra are now looking to her to solidify the group, but that’s Survivor for you. It’s also a reflection of how much respect Sandra commands from her opponents.

“If somebody messes this up, they’re getting their ass beaten when they come back to this camp.”

Almost immediately, a rift forms at Nuku. Sandra has correctly identified Sierra as the biggest female threat on Mana and wants her gone. For only the thinnest of reasons, JT picks Tai. His rationale? Tai is unlikely to have an idol. We know that he doesn’t have one, but since we’re only at the 33-minute mark and this is Survivor, he’ll probably find one in the next few minutes. Still, it’s a stupid reason.


The Mana players are in a panic. They can count, at least to six. They also know that they’ve treated Hali like garbage, which means they have to seduce her back to their team. Otherwise, they have no hope. Remember the part about arrogance, folks?

Debbie adds some lip service to our suggestion about everyone banding together to vote out Sandra. Realistically, that doesn’t make sense for Nuku, though. Since they have the numbers, they’re better served eliminating an opponent than one of their own. At the merge, having more trustworthy allies is the difference between making the final jury and answering questions at the final jury.

Watching Culpepper beg Hali for her loyalty is quite entertaining. He desperately tries to act like they have a special bond, calling her Blue Eyes. He asks Blue Eyes if she’ll be loyal. She’s rightfully a bit dodgy with her answer, gloating to the camera that the people who were treating her like garbage three days prior are now acting like her best friends.

An interesting parallel occurs at Mana. After Sandra targeted Sierra as the biggest threat, her counterpart doesn’t reciprocate. Sierra doesn’t believe that Sandra can win the game, but Malcolm can. She wants to get rid of the most dangerous opponent in terms of endgame challenges. While we’d argue that this is another example of a smart person underestimating Sandra, we still acknowledge she’s right that Malcolm would be a great person to eliminate. The same is true of JT, for that matter. Nuku has a lot of the best players in the game right now. Then again, Mana doesn’t have the numbers, so it shouldn’t matter.

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