Survivor: Game Changers Recap

The Stakes Have Been Raised, Part 2

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 13, 2017

Thank goodness we don't have to listen to him for another several weeks.

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With the Ciera vote out of the way, Tony is trying to align with other tribemates who he considers to be threats. He chats with Aubry, and she agrees that this is a strategy that can work. He figures the other people to bring on board their five-person alliance are Malcolm, Caleb and Sandra.

Sandra tends to agree with this approach. The only way a previous winner can be voted Sole Survivor at the end is to go to the final Tribal Council with other winners. Thus, she's looking at Tony and JT as potential allies. She reiterates her game strategy - which has always been the best one in Survivor - “As long as it's not me, I don't care who goes home.”

Over at Team Ozzy, Tai is already overprotective of the chickens, giving them corn that is meant for the tribe and assigning them names. This doesn't sit well with JT, since they need to eat more than the chickens do. In fact, the chickens seem to be all too comfortable with their state of existence, wandering around the food area and eating what they like. This softness towards “future dinner” was a problem for Tai last time around, but it looks to be even more troublesome with this group.

Back over at the Mana tribe, Tony is paranoid - and we mean more than the usual type of paranoia. While the rest of the group is asleep, he stands around and stews about what everyone might be saying behind his back, and decides he needs to go expand on his Super Secret Spy Shack (the one that pretty much everyone knows about).


While he's digging in the ground, Sandra and Troyzan go off and talk near Tony. After watching this segment a couple of times, we're actually wondering if Sandra didn't do this just to see how Tony would react. She and Troyzan are talking about who should be next to go, and they're saying that there's not any particular reason to vote for Tony. No one's going to join forces with him for any true length of time. Of course, Tony hears his name and thinks that means they're voting for him, so he comes stumbling up and asks them what they're talking about. Sandra makes up something about a crate, but he's being ridiculous.

At this point, Sandra says that although she thought she had aligned herself with Tony, he's clearly unstable and looks as though he may see her as his next target. His erratic behavior has her convinced that Tony should be next to go.

Back at the Ozzy camp, Cirie is similarly paranoid. She's worried that Ozzy and JT are coming for her, so she needs to forge some alliances elsewhere. Cirie tries to get in with Sarah, who says something about playing like a cop last time but playing like a criminal this time. Frankly, we can't remember her previous appearance, so this doesn't mean much to us. Either way, she's at least embracing the Sandra strategy of “anyone but me is fine.”

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