Survivor: Game Changers Recap

The Stakes Have Been Raised, Part 2

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 13, 2017

Thank goodness we don't have to listen to him for another several weeks.

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Since she presumably thinks that the older players won't team up with her, Cirie continues to go after some of the newer folks. Her next target is Zeke, who is in awe of Cirie and might just fanboy himself right out of the game. To his credit, he does recognize that it's far too early to be in an alliance with someone who the majority seems to be targeting.

Next, Cirie goes for Debbie and tries to advise her to “talk less… smile more.” Debbie now claims to be a captain in the civil air patrol, although it's not a paying position but rather one that gives her benefits in military experience. (We really never understand what she's talking about.) If Survivor ever starts a dating site, Debbie and Philip would be a perfect match. They'd have so many imaginary crime-fighting adventures.

Either way, Debbie's not buying what Cirie is selling, which means that Cirie basically just struck out on three swings.

We go back over to the Tony versus Sandra battle, and Sandra has enlisted Hali and Troyzan to her team. Next up is Jeff Varner. Let's just say that Sandra's ability to enlist people to her alliance is MUCH better than Cirie's. Before you know it, she has Hali, Troyzan, Jeff and Michaela in a group of five.

On the other hand, Varner notices Sandra's prowess at the game. Although he seems to be onboard with her for the Tony vote, he's certainly aware that she's not someone you want to allow to go far in the game.


Tony approaches Malcolm and Caleb, who both give lip service to the fact that they want to keep stronger players (aka Tony) in the game. As far as Malcolm is concerned, the more people around that he can hide behind, the better. Both guys worry that if Tony goes home, they'll be next to go.

And with that talk of strength, it's time for a Probst sighting and an Immunity Challenge. For this challenge, teams will walk out across a narrow beam that stretches through the water. Then they have to climb up and over a cage, where they'll retrieve a heavy snake. Once they get the snake all the way back to the shore, the group will be able to open it up and get out some tiles that indicate the solution to a combination lock. The lock opens a container with some rings that they'll throw at posts that spell “Immunity.” Obviously, the first team to finish wins immunity, but also some fishing gear.

The challenge really isn't close for the bulk of the race. Team Ozzy gets out to an early lead by efficiently getting their snake out of the cage (don't make it dirty) and back to the shore. Before they know it, JT and Sierra are throwing rings.

Mana is well behind until they get back to shore and allow Malcolm to take control. He solves the lock combination almost immediately and then gets to throwing his rings. He effectively ties JT and Sierra, with both teams having two rings to go, but then JT gets on a roll and Mana wins immunity.

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