Survivor: Game Changers Recap

The Stakes Have Been Raised, Part 2

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 13, 2017

Thank goodness we don't have to listen to him for another several weeks.

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Almost everyone compliments Malcolm in his singlehandedly fantastic performance. Of course, Michaela hates to lose and wasn't used at all in the challenge, so she is sulking. We saw this behavior in her last season and she clearly hasn't learned much from it.

They're only back at camp for moments before Tony goes wandering off by himself. Troyzan says someone should go after him, but the looks on the faces of Sandra, Hali, Troyzan and Jeff clearly say that Tony is going to be the next guy to go. Sandra rightly notes that Tony has been sneaky and since they're not sure whether he has an idol, they'll need to throw a couple of votes Aubry's way. She also wonders whether they can get Malcolm and Caleb onboard for a Tony vote. Hali is their ambassador, and while they have the discussion, they do a great job of covering as Tony walks up and they all say that the name they will be writing down is Aubry's.

For his part, Tony is trying to orchestrate a Sandra vote with Caleb and… well, just Caleb, apparently. He suggests Michaela as a potential ally, but doesn't talk to her himself. He lets Caleb do that dirty work. Basically, the discussion seems to come down to whether they want to keep strong players in the game (for all the good that's done them so far) or if they want to get rid of the sneaky guy who can't be trusted.

Tribal Council and that same conversation continues. Do they need strength in the game, or does that really even matter at this point? So far, they've lost two challenges with their strong players, and Sandra makes sure to hammer that point home. When Troyzan makes a comment that he has to be wandering around at 4 a.m. to make sure someone's not being sneaky (and Tony retorts that he caught Troyzan and Sandra having an early morning conversation), we're more sure than ever that Tony was captured in a clever trap.


And now we take a brief interlude for Sandra to freak out about the giant bug in her hair. To be fair, when she sees it, Michaela runs for the hills as well.

For his part, Tony swears that he's playing a totally different game this time around, and Jeff Varner, Caleb and Malcolm all say that they believe him. At least it calms his crazy paranoia for a minute.

After the votes come in, they're all for Tony except for Tony and Sandra's vote for Aubry. Remember when we were hoping for Tony to go in Part 1 of this recap? We're so happy right now!

Sandra does say a lot about how she's the queen and she's staying the queen. She probably needs to settle down with that, even though we think there's very little hope of her lasting much longer in the game, especially since next week's preview promises a tribe switch up already. We'll find out on Wednesday!

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