Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Episode 1, Part 1 -

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 8, 2017

At least her hair looked pretty.

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Today’s Immunity Challenge is physically challenging, involving some water obstacles and then some digging (advantage to the team with Tony!). Once they’ve dug keys out of the ground, they have to unlock a chest that contains some puzzle pieces. Team Ozzy gets out to a huge lead, but Debbie is terrible at unlocking things.

The final phase of the challenge is the puzzle. In that final section, it’s Sandra and Ciera versus Zeke and Cirie. Ciera has done this puzzle before (and lost), and it looks like she’s going to lose again. Team Ozzy wins and takes home flint. Team Not Ozzy will be voting someone out.

Malcolm, Aubry, Tony, Caleb, Jeff and Sandra all discuss who to vote out. The consensus seems to be Ciera, since she’s the “weakest threat.” In front of Ciera, they say the vote will be Michaela. That’s all fine and good, until Michaela finds out that Ciera has been told to vote for her. She flips out, which actually alarms the people who were planning to vote for Ciera. Michaela is a “big” personality, and her reactions reflect that nature.

The first Tribal Council is pretty much standard stuff, other than Probst pointing out that Sandra is the logical first vote. She retorts by saying that people should want to take her to the end because since she’s won twice, no one is going to vote to give her a million dollars again.


Then, when Probst asks Michaela if she feels safe tonight, she says that she doesn’t think she’ll get out of the night without at least one vote against her. Ciera notices this very specific language, and her cheeks get flushed.

And she’s right to notice this distinction, because Michaela gets exactly one vote while Ciera gets the rest. For a “game changers” season, everyone settled for predictability on the first vote, and they also messed up by allowing Sandra to survive another day.

We were happy to see Ciera back, because she’s a lot tougher of a player than she gets credit for. And we’re still stuck with Tony. Maybe next time.

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