Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Episode 1, Part 1 -

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 8, 2017

At least her hair looked pretty.

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Meanwhile, former NFL player Brad Culpepper has accepted a couple of flaws from his previous game. While playing with his wife, Monica, she did really well, while he marked his territory in what we hope was only a figurative sense. This season, he’s remembering WWMD – What would Monica do? That includes slow playing early alliance negotiations. We give him five days before his inner control freak emerges again.

The one noteworthy aspect of early Nuku negotiations is that Ozzy is targeting Cirie. That’s because Cirie successfully manipulated his elimination in Fans vs. Favorites. Cirie’s comment is simple. “That was eight years ago or something. Get over it.”

Ozzy and Cirie shake hands and make good, by which we mean that Ozzy lies to Cirie’s face about the fact that he’s over it. She think’s they’re fine. Then, she talks to the world’s sweetest 52-year-old, Tai, who once again proves that he has no business playing Survivor. Cirie asks him if Ozzy really has forgiven her, and then Tai makes an awkward face and says nothing for 10 seconds, which is about 10 three times as long as she needs to know that she and Ozzy are not cool. If you ever see Tai across the poker table, you’re about to have a good night.

Back at Tribe Not Ozzy, Tony loudly offers to go get water for everyone. Twice. Believe it or not, this is a subtle ruse. He’s actually going to look for an immunity idol. He then starts digging what he calls a Spy Bunker, which will replace his previous season’s Spy Shacks. He can claim he’s doing that, but we’re pretty sure he thinks a bone is buried there. Troyzan catches him playing in the dirt, and Tony acts like his behavior is totally normal. Troy politely takes note of Tony’s guilty face and then walks away slowly. This is a good time to mention that Tony won a season of Survivor. How sad is that?


Tony’s crazy behavior causes two problems for him. The first is that his digging in the dirt causes people to believe that he’s looking for or has possibly found an idol. The second is that they’re trapped on a deserted island with a crazy person. Also, as far as spy bunkers go, this one is pretty obvious. The bad news for Caleb is that people view him as Tony’s right-hand man

The good news for both guys is that Ciera is the one pointing the finger at both of them. Malcolm, aka Lesser Ozzy, is currently in control of his tribe, and he wants those two around. He couldn’t care less if Ciera is there. The fact that they’re showing so much of this discussion seems like huge foreshadowing about the upcoming Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge time! (Also, it’s time for the ceremonious first Probst sighting.)

Before the challenge, Probst tells them about a change for Tribal Councils. Tie votes will now go to an immediate tiebreaker. If everyone can’t agree unanimously on which of the people should be voted out, the two people will be immune and the rest of the tribe will draw rocks. That puts a crimp in people’s split the vote plans, doesn’t it?

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