Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 16, 2016

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Hello good people and welcome to Part 2 of the Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X finale. Not wasting any time here - let's get right to it. Bret was just voted out of the game, much to the chagrin of Adam and the entire jury.

We pick up the action as our final 4 return to camp: David, Ken, Adam and Hannah. Both Adam and David are blown away that loyalty is so strong in this game. Adam tries to explain to Ken and Hannah why David is such a threat and they're just not buying it. In confessional, David is telling us that he can't believe they kept him in the game. And when the strategic mastermind/biggest threat thinks you messed up, ya done messed up A-A-Ron! We join Hannah and Adam discussing it and she says something about how she had to keep David in the game or she would upset Ken and then she wouldn't make the end. Um, if there's one thing I know, Hannah is making the final 3. Period. End of discussion. Regardless of who went home and in what order, Hannah will be making the final 3. Adam lays it out again...there are 4 people left, Ken is the most likely to win immunity and he'll never turn on David. Ergo, Ken and David are in the final 2 and no matter which of Hannah or Adam rides along, David wins the game. Period. Adam is completely distraught over all of this and he tells Hannah that they HAVE to win the final immunity tomorrow. HAVE to. Which, of course, leads to the dawning of Day 38 and a...

Probst sighting. Our last challenge Probst sighting of the season! Today's challenge is a simple one. They have to use a long pole and maneuver bowls through a metal maze. When they get to the top, they set the bowl on a platform. This rig is on top of a spring, which makes it very movable. They will then go grab a 2nd bowl and begin stacking them. They have 13 bowls and the first person to stack them all, wins immunity. If no one is able to stack all 13, after 30 minutes, the person with the most bowls will win immunity. Survivors ready? Let's go.


The challenge plays out pretty straightforward until stacks reach about 10. At this point, Ken places #11 and David's stack of 8 falls over, forcing him to start over. Adam actually steps off his platform and stops working on his stack, hoping to see everyone else's fall. Ken places his 12th bowl and as he heads back for the final bowl, the wind blows and his entire stack topples to the ground, making Adam look like a genius. As he watches, his tower also starts to lean and falls over. With everyone starting over, Hannah is now in the lead and there are only 2 minutes left in the game. Ken and Hannah are at 10 right now, while Adam sits at 8 and refuses to place anymore, hoping that strategy will serve him well. At the 30 second mark, Ken places his 10th bowl to tie Hannah, while Adam sits on 8. Ken makes a move to place #11, but time runs out before he's able to get it in place. Ken and Hannah are tied at 10! That means David and Adam are out of this challenge and we'll have a showdown between Hannah and Ken.

There will be 5 more minutes, the person to have the tallest stack after that 5 minutes, wins immunity. If either of them gets to 13, they win automatically. Let's go...again. They pretty well stay neck and neck, with Ken having a slight edge. At the 1 minute mark, they both have 5 bowls stacked. And I have to say, when doing one of these stacking challenges; it's really a good idea to have a straight stack. At only 5 bowls, Hannah's stack is so unlevel it's already leaning. Simple poor planning on her part. At about 30 seconds, Ken places his 6th bowl. Hannah is working on her 6th and gets it placed before time runs out...but Ken is working on #7. As Jeff does the 5 second countdown, Ken gets #7 placed and Ken. Wins. Immunity!! His 4th! And just like that, Adam's worst nightmare has happened and his shot at the million may have gone right down the drain. As we head to break and they head back to camp, Ken tells us how difficult this decision is going to be. Really? Is it that hard to decide whether you want to cut Hannah or Adam?

As they get back to camp, David tells us that while he's bummed that he didn't win, the next best thing happened and his buddy Ken came home with the necklace. Ken has been so loyal to David; he feels that the worst case scenario is going to be a fire making challenge against Adam. Now, David started the original fire and has been the person largely in charge of the fire for the duration of the game, so he's feeling pretty confident about being able to win a fire making challenge against anyone. Adam and Hannah powwow and Adam tells her that he's writing David's name down, no matter what and she should do the same. She promises him that she is and then asks him to let her deal with Ken. The hopes of their games rest in Hannah being able to get Ken to turn on his biggest ally and best bud. That's gonna be a tough sell.

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