Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 16, 2016

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So Hannah goes to Ken and tells him that while Bret called her a flip flopper, the one person she has never flipped on is Ken. She goes on to say that is why everyone thinks she is so stupid, because she believes in loyalty. Ken agrees 100% that trust and loyalty are paramount. And he even says, "Look where it's gotten us." She goes on to tell him that even if they vote out Dave at this final Tribal, they can maintain their loyalty and trust to each other, while making the move that suits them best in the game. While Ken understands what she's saying and knows that David will likely beat them at the end, he asks her to just trust that he knows what he's doing. She goes on to tell us how frustrating it is trying to work with Ken when everything he believes in goes against what's best for them in the game. While Hannah and Ken palaver, David and Adam are left back at camp. David tells Adam that Ken has been so loyal to him since day 1 and that Adam would be best off targeting Hannah. To which Adam tells David, no frickin way, dude. He says that if David goes to the end, he loses. So, what, he gets 3rd place instead of 4th? That's not what he's here for. The only way he can win is if David goes home. He tells us that tonight should be a no brainer and he shouldn't be worried at all. But with this group, he knows that it's best for him to go out and start practicing making a fire, which is exactly what he does. Before we head to Tribal, Dave lets Ken know that he's not even gonna make a pitch to him because he trusts Ken that much. He's prepared to go into Tribal and beat Adam in a fire making challenge and that's it. He thanks Ken for sticking with him and they we all head to the penultimate Tribal.

Jeff begins by talking about the final challenge. He talks about how Hannah took so long to vote the first time and how she had a panic attack WATCHING a challenge. And now she walks confidently to the voting booth and almost took out Ken in the biggest challenge of the season. He asks Adam how it felt to have no control over anything in that sudden death portion of the challenge. He says that he was right where he wanted to be as his only goal in that challenge was to make sure David didn't win it. Dave adds in that despite the game Adam has played, he has played a better game. Adam is like, finally! He admits it. It's what he's been telling people for days and yet, they keep sticking with Dave. So naturally, when they got back to camp, everyone wanted to talk to Ken, but first, of course, he had to fish. He's not gonna let anything like Survivor or a million dollars get in the way of what he's about. No sir-ee. Jeff asks what David's pitch was and he simply says that Ken has shown ultimate loyalty, trust and integrity throughout this game. Things that no longer exist in Survivor, so he is not worried tonight and knows that his bud will be with him. So, Adam, what was your pitch? Adam says that his pitch was simple too. You can only take your allies so far in this game and at some point; you have to do what's best for you and your family. Jeff finally asks Hannah what she thinks about all this. She says that any of the 3 of them could go home tonight, but at the last Tribal, Bret only congratulated 1 of them and that there comes a time when the game might have to trump loyalty. Ken is nodding while all 3 of them are talking and he says it's because that all have very valid points. But at the end of the day, he has to decide for himself what's most important to him.

And with that, it's time to vote. Naturally, we see no votes as has been the case most of the season. Jeff will tally the votes and with no more idols in play, we'll just get right to reading them. Dave. Adam. Dave. And the final vote: David. WHOA!!! He actually did it. Ken turned on his boy. I honestly, didn't see that happening. It seemed much more Ken-ish to allow them to battle it out like men, may the best fire making man win. I guess, at the end of the day, what was important to Ken was winning the game and getting a million bucks for him and his daughter. What will be interesting is whether or not this move will be enough to win him some votes. The jury, thus far haven't been too big on the Ken train. They haven't appreciated his loyalty thing and the way he handled the Will vote doesn't sit well with several people. You just have to wonder if finally turning on Dave will win him some respect points with the jury. If not, I have to think Adam will cruise to victory.


Day 39 dawns on the island and everyone is happy to be there. Ken is thrilled to be the last member of Gen X. He also likes that he was able to work hard and remain loyal and still make the end. He tells us that he has had 1 motivating factor, his daughter. He desperately wants to give them a better life. As they feast, Hannah tells us how much she's grown over the course of the game. She was neurotic and crazy at the beginning and now she's strong and confident and really feels like she played the best game of the 3 remaining players. Adam also feels like he's played a very strong game. He lays out his resume for us: hidden idols, immunity challenge win, blindsiding others while not being a target. As they head to Tribal, he tells us that he can't even imagine what his mom would be thinking if she knew he was getting ready for the Final Tribal Council of his season.

We all file in to Tribal and Jeff compliments them on making it to the end of the game. He addresses the jury reminding some of them how long they've been coming to Tribal as jury members. He tells them he'll give them some time to come up with questions/comments and then they'll begin.

And we begin with Taylor (this should be stunning.) He says that, spontaneous millennial that he is, his vote is totally up for grabs tonight, so he wants them to pitch to him why he should vote for him. So, he essentially gives them each an opening statement. Hannah goes first. She says that she thinks she played the best game. She is the reason everyone sitting on the jury is on the jury. She compares her Day 2 self (when it took her 10 minutes to vote) to today and says she's ready for them to bring whatever they have to this Tribal. Ken's up next. He feels that he showed the other side of the game. Loyalty, teamwork and hard work are things that can exist in this game. Adam simply says that he played the best game. He always managed to keep himself out of the spotlight of the vote and he was able to protect the people he wanted to go to the end with.

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