Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 16, 2016

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Next up is Sunday. Sunday takes us back to our season's theme. She wants to know how each person was adaptable and whether they think they played the game like a Millennial or a Gen X'er. Ugh. The season has been great in spite of the whole generational thing - please stop bringing it up. Anyway...Ken's first. He is very old school and he is very set in his ways. He says he wasn't very adaptable, however those that are too adaptable in this game can also be called, "flippers." Adam is next and he says that Ken is the perfect Gen Xer who would have won season 1 of this game. And he says that Hannah is the other extreme, so flexible that even her allies didn't know what she was doing from Tribal to Tribal. He feels that he lies somewhere in the middle of those 2. Hannah breaks in to say that just because some people didn't understand her moves, doesn't make them too flexible. She says that while voting out Sunday or Bret may not make sense to them, it made sound strategic sense to her and Adam just went along. Adam mentions those were 2 times that Hannah "went rogue" and that regardless of the final outcome, they were still bad strategic moves. And he's right, they were.

Next up is Jessica. She starts with Ken and how he put himself up on a pedestal of loyalty and honesty and that she was shocked that he would turn on David in that final tribal vote. He admits that decision was the hardest decision he made in the game. He starts to tear up, "David, you were my #2 alliance. #1 was my daughter. Only reason." And that's a VERY good answer to a really tough question. He did set himself up as the loyal friend only to chuck his buddy at the last minute. I'm not sure there's a better way to respond to that like of question than Ken just did. It should also shut up anyone else who wants to pound on him for that. She has nothing for the other two.

Will is up next and starts with Ken. He tells Ken that he respected him so much more, as a player, by his vote against David than he did for the other 38 days’ worth of loyalty talk. To Adam he says that he is confused about his game. He points out that Adam was on the wrong side of the Bret vote and some other times. Adam says that is exactly what he was talking about before. Voting out Bret was a terrible move because leaving David in the game was potentially a million dollar mistake. And once again, Hannah cuts him off. She felt she had to keep David in the game or she would have lost Ken's trust and trust was so important to Ken. So - that's 4 questions and 2 times Hannah has cut Adam off from speaking. Safe to say, she's a little scared of Adam at this point.


Zeke is up next and congratulates everyone. He suggests that we are in the midst of the evolution of Survivor strategy. He tells Ken that he did nothing to evolve the game, despite being an excellent provider. So his question is for Hannah and Adam and he wants to know what they did to help aid in the evolution of this game. Adam says that something we've seen here recently in Survivor is that once someone gets on top, they feel like they have to stay on top and eventually get taken out for it. Like Chris and Zeke this season. He made sure that at the Final 6, there were 3 people more dangerous than him and he kept his challenge beast (Ken) close to stop them all from winning. Hannah brings up the whole "trust cluster" thing again and suggests that this is a new way to play the game. She also wants to point out that Adam talks about leaving threats in the game as shields, but she was the one who decided when those shields were taken out, not Adam. She claims Adam likes to take credit for other people's moves in the game. Hmmmm- I'll say this, she ain't going down without a fight. I'm not sure I buy it 100%, but she makes some good points.

Time for Michelle. She addresses Hannah first and asks her how many votes she was on the wrong side of. They agree that the Mikayla vote was the only vote she was wrong on. She wants Adam to clarify why his successes should outweigh his blunders in the game. He feels that many of the blunders weren't his blunders, but rather the failures of his alliance mates. Again, Hannah interrupts to say that her moves were not blunders, they were her strategy. Adam says, once again, voting out Bret was not the right move because it put David one immunity challenge away from a million dollars. As he's saying this, the whole jury is nodding along with him. I think he's got 'em. She tries to save it by saying that it made sense insomuch as Bret didn't want to take her to the end, so she did have to get rid of him. And that Day 2 her might sit there and take this, but Day 39 her isn't going to. We see a nod from Will, but not much else from the jury. I'm starting to think the more she cuts in on Adam, the less the jury is liking her.

We've heard a whole lot about Bret in this Final Tribal, let's here FROM Bret now. He asks Ken at what point does he feel like he really started playing the game of Survivor. He felt he started playing right off the bat. He was on the bottom from the very beginning and he set up an alliance with David, Jess and CeCe. He tries to say more, but Bret cuts him off. He moves on to Adam and wants to know how everything went down and why he couldn't get rid of David. Adam says he wanted to get rid of David on the Sunday vote, but Hannah was dead set on it. And he says that the Bret vote was the biggest blunder in the game. He knew he had someone who would never turn on David, in Ken. To which Ken says, "But I did." And while that's true, everyone knows that it's too little too late. So, he was on the wrong side of the vote there assuming that they would do the smart thing and get rid of David.

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