Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Episode 12 - Slayed the Survivor Dragon

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

December 12, 2016

Welcome to the jury.

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We come back to camp and Adam tells us that he knew he wasn't going to win the challenge, so he decided to help Ken win it so that Jay and David wouldn't win. As they sit around camp, Jay practically begs them to keep him over David. David and Ken decide that they would like to see Jay go home, but he has his idol, so they need to vote Bret. They call Hannah over and roll the plan by her. She's ok with the plan, but she suggests that Sunday would be the better vote because she is entering "drag her to the end to get no votes" territory. I don't think David really likes the plan, but to his credit, he (and Ken) both tell her they're fine with it and now Sunday seems to be the target. Hannah tells us again how dangerous Sunday is as a potential goat to take to the end.

Adam sits down with Ken and Hannah and throws out the obvious: Jay is two immunity wins away from the final Tribal. He feels that he has to throw votes to Jay to make him get rid of his idol. He also throws out that maybe they should put some votes on David. Adam feels that voting for Sunday leaves two dangerous players (David and Jay) in the game. As Adam continues, he feels almost as strongly that if Jay lives to see another day in the game, he has to come back to camp sans idol.

So, he joins Jay in the hammock and suggests that he'd better play the idol tonight. Jay tells us that Adam told him he'd be getting votes, but that Adam has lied to him before, so he's not sure that he will play the idol. Oddly enough, during this same conversation, Jay suggests that it's the two of them to the end. And then Adam opens up. He tells him that his mom has stage 4 lung cancer. Jay, whose mom also has health issues, covers his face and cries with Adam as he tells him how important this is for his mom and his family.

Jay tells Adam that he's been scared for his mom for the last nine years. He tells us that his mom suffers from brain aneurysms and that he and Adam really bonded over that and that he thinks Adam is a really good dude. The last conversation we see before Tribal is Hannah and Adam trying to hash out the vote. Adam still wants to take out either Jay or Dave and she is even more set that Sunday should be the vote. As they head to Tribal, Hannah tells us how hard the decision is for her, but that the person who can convince others that their decision is right is the person that will end up winning the game.


We get to Tribal, again, and Jeff starts with David. He asks if friendships even matter at this point. David says you have to lean on friendships even more than normal. Jay makes the argument that he's all alone in the game and that people with alliances might be more dangerous than the loner. David admits that he feels vulnerable again. He has relied on a lot of people to help him get here but that could run out. There's a lot of talk about who to sit next to at the end and trying to decipher what might be important to the jury. But ultimately, not a lot is said.

So, let's get to the voting and the tallying. Would anyone like to play their immunity idol? Why, yes, Jeff. Someone would. Jay digs out the idol and saves himself for one more night. And Adam smiles as half his plan has come to fruition. First vote: Jay - does not count. David. David. Then comes the flow of Sunday votes, and Sunday becomes the 14th person voted out and the seventh member of the jury. Jay's so bummed that he wasted his idol, but you can't fault the idol play right there. They've been wanting him out for several votes and they finally had their chance. He even said it himself, better to be safe than sorry.

Next time on Survivor: it's finale time! We have six people left and David is ready to play dirty. Adam looks to be searching for and to be afraid of a possible immunity idol. And Ken has made it to Day 36 - what's the frickin' Legacy Advantage already?? Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the three-hour season finale and reunion of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X! 'Til then, take care everyone!

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