Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Episode 12 - Slayed the Survivor Dragon

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

December 12, 2016

Welcome to the jury.

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Bret tells us that Adam has been playing a really smart game and that their interests are aligned on this one. So he and Sunday are on board to vote with Adam tonight. Adam goes to Hannah to get her on board for the Will vote. She is worried about the vote because Will just saved them. They go back and forth on it but we never get a resolution. Adam just tells us that he and Hannah are basically in the middle of taking out Will with Bret and Sunday or taking out David with everyone else.

Jeff starts Tribal Council by asking Will what the reaction was back at camp. David admits to being worried tonight, but Jay says that if Will has really flipped he should be okay. Adam says that you have to make the moves to get to the end of the game, but if you make the moves, you get the target on your back. David agrees. He says that if you don't make any moves, you might make the end and get no votes. This was a tough Tribal to recap as almost all of the answers were very vague so as not to give anything away. So, let's just get to the voting, shall we? Jeff tallies the votes and no one wants to play their idol tonight. The votes are: David, David. And then the flurry of Will. And Will is the 13th person voted out and the sixth member of the jury. For someone who was so pissed off all last episode, he really took it well. Will heads off to Ponderosa; we head back to camp and prepare for another challenge, another Tribal and another member of the jury.

As they get back, Jay tells us that anytime someone tries to work with him, they end up going home. He's like the black plague. Jay and Adam go off to talk. Adam apologizes for taking out Will and Jay just shrugs it off. He tells us that they have a weird #yinyang relationship. Adam tells Jay that David has to be the next move but he tells us that they really need to take a shot at Jay because of the immunity idol.


As we get back from commercial, it's time for yet another Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge is a simple block puzzle. All they have to do is put together a block puzzle of the season's logo. However, there's a twist. They've set up a Survivor Plinko board. You roll a ball up to the top of the Plinko board. If the ball gets all the way to the bottom, you have to stop working on the puzzle until the ball is released. So, you have to work on the puzzle, but constantly keep an eye on that ball so as to not allow it to get to the bottom before you re-roll it.

The challenge starts and we're treated to a montage of everyone missing their ball and then having to wait for it to slowly be released. After a while; David, Hannah, Jay and Ken are making progress. Jeff proclaims David is in the lead, but Ken says, "No he's not" as he solves the puzzle. But it's wrong. At this point, Adam just stops working on his puzzle and decides to help Ken. As Ken works on the puzzle, Adam tells him when to turn to get the ball. After two of these, Ken has fixed the puzzle and Ken. Wins. Immunity!

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