Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Episode 12 - Slayed the Survivor Dragon

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

December 12, 2016

Welcome to the jury.

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The next morning, Bret and Sunday corner Adam and tell him that Jay, Dave and Will need to go. As they talk, they pretty much pledge their votes to Adam. And he's thrilled to hear it. If the final 5 came down to the 3 of them and Hannah and Ken - he'd have a lock on the Final 3, so of course this sounds great to him. And if you were ever interested in watching someone go from untrustworthy weasel a major player in the game, Adam is putting on a clinic right now.

We come back from break to a Probst Sighting! Today's Immunity challenge is a major obstacle course. The players will race to a pole with 10 discs. They have to stack the discs on the pole and then cross a balance beam without dropping them. It is up to them how many discs to stack at a time. Once they get all 10 across, they'll have a new challenge to carry all 10 discs on a two-sided pole that they will need to maneuver through a rope maze on the ground and a metal maze on the top. Once all 10 discs are through that, they will take the discs and roll them on end down a table into a slot. First one to score all 10 discs wins immunity.

The challenge starts and out of nowhere, David is amazing at the balance beam. He takes a decent sized lead with Ken and Jay right behind. They all take on the second obstacle and Bret has snuck up with the rest and Bret, Jay, Ken and David are all about even at this point. Jay is the first one to the end with all 10 discs and he starts throwing discs. Bret and David are now the only other ones throwing the discs. Jay is killing it. David and Bret each get two by the time Jay hits the 10th and final disc. Jay. Wins. Immunity! As we head to break, Jay is thrilled with the victory and knows that he still has his idol to use at the right time later.


Back on the beach on Day 34, Jay gets his congrats for winning the challenge. Ken tells us that with Jay winning, he has no idea what's going on tonight. Will and Jay discuss who to vote for and while Jay is worried about Ken's challenge prowess, Will is worried more about David winning the game. So, they agree that David is the guy. He pulls in Sunday, Bret and Hannah to take David out. And he tells us that he wants everyone to feel like an equal contributor, but HE'S the one calling the shots. Famous last words?

David is noticing all the conversations going on and knows that he is considered the biggest threat left in the game. We join a conversation where Will and Jay tell Adam that David is the vote tonight and that everyone is on board. Adam confirms he's with them, but tells us that he thinks he'd rather get Will out of the game. Will thinks he's running the show and Adam doesn't want Will having any control over his game. So, he goes to Bret and lays out the reasons to vote Will and tells Bret that he is definitely voting Will tonight.

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