Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X'ers - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 30, 2016

Going to rocks: always a terrible idea.

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As the voting begins, Zeke whispers to Jessica, asking her if she's really ready to go to rocks. He tells her he realigns with people all the time. A few seconds pass, and Hannah practically begs Jessica to vote for Zeke and not to vote for her. It would seem that Jessica's vote is the only live vote in the room right now. Jeff tallies the votes again. This time it comes up four for Zeke and four for Hannah. Jeff tells them they have one last chance to avoid going to rocks. If everyone can agree on either Hannah or Zeke to go home - that person will go home. If they cannot come to a consensus, Hannah and Zeke will become immune and they will join Jay and Ken. The remaining six will draw rocks.

Will steps up, trying to get everyone to agree that neither person is worth taking a rock and going home. They all do agree and David speaks up to say that Zeke is playing the best game and he should be the one to go. He tells them that if they feel he's that much of a threat, they can vote him out next time, but tonight, it has to be Zeke. After a whole bunch of talking and arguing, they do not come to a consensus and this Tribal Council will go to rocks.

Will, Bret, Sunday, Adam, David and Jessica will all draw rocks. The white rocks will remain in the game; the black rock will go home. Everyone draws rocks, with Jessica grabbing first. When they all reveal, it's Jessica. She pulled the black rock with the first pick. She is distraught - like, practically bawling as she leaves Tribal. And Jeff gives us a new hashtag, #TheGameHasSpoken.


As she heads down the ramp, she tells us that she now has to will her Legacy Advantage and as she promised a while back, she wills it to Ken. Remember this advantage will come into play on Day 36...and this Tribal is happening on the night of Day 30. So, Ken's there at Day 31 - he only has to make it 5 more days to cash it in. I don't know what to say about going to rocks here. I can see both sides of the equation. I think in the case of David's alliance, going to rocks was the way to go. David, Ken and Jessica are super tight and it seems like Adam and Hannah are all in with them now. On the Zeke side of this, I'm not so sure it was smart to go to rocks. Zeke flips week to week. Hell, he flipped two times tonight!! Jay? He's a free agent as is Will. Bret and Sunday are super tight and maybe they're locked with Zeke. But ultimately, David has/had an alliance, Zeke has votes. So, overall, I don't think it was a horrible move for Jessica to go to rocks. If they win and one of Zeke's people leaves, that gives them the 5-4 advantage in the game and with their tight alliance, which might have been enough to work.

Next time on Survivor: David gets a glimmer of hope and it comes in the form of a deep voiced high schooler. Will looks to become a playa at the final nine. And it looks like it's the family visit episode...which brings to mind Adam's reward stealer. Okay, seriously. I've seen some dumb moves on Survivor, but if this dude actually steals the family visit from someone - that would go down as one of the dumbest moves ever. I guess we'll all have to come back next week to see how it plays out. 'Til then, kids, take care!

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