Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X'ers - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 30, 2016

Going to rocks: always a terrible idea.

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Zeke moves on and tells Will that Hannah is not with them and he thinks they should vote Hannah. He also rounds up Sunday, Bret and Jay. So, he has five - but that's only enough for a tie. The next talk we see is Hannah and Adam. She lets him know about all the drama that's been going on. Adam tells us that he's with her, but she's so nervous that it makes him a little leery. David and Hannah get together to break down the numbers. They also have five - so we're headed for a tie. She tells David that she is pretty positive that Zeke will be coming for her and that David should play his idol for her. David suggests that if all this happens and he plays the idol incorrectly, there will be a 5-5 tie and they'll go down to a rock draw. As the group heads to Tribal, David tells us the same thing about the rock draw and says that this is the toughest part of his game so far.

Jeff starts Tribal by reminding them that they all felt 100% about the last vote and he wants to see how many feel 100% now. None of them raise their hand. Jay is the only one who is feeling safe tonight. As he talks, you see Hannah whispering to Adam. David starts talking about the trust cluster thing and Bret gets really offended by it. He says they need to stop that nonsense. It's all about whom you can trust and is what you were told the right thing.


And then it turns ugly as Bret and Zeke take turns poking fun at David for his anxiety and crying. David points out that this is a personal attack and he's never attacked anyone. Hannah also takes offense and you see Sunday pointing at Bret as if to say, "Knock that shit off." Jeff asks Adam what he's thinking. He says he's super nervous and he's not sure what's happening now. Jessica is also confused with what is happening. As Ken talks, we see Will and Sunday talking about sticking to the plan. Hannah asks Sunday what the plan is and she whispers back, "Ken." Adam is sitting right there picking up all of this conversation. At this point, I don't know what's happening and I don't think they do either. One thing's for sure, after Bret mouths off at Ken, it's probably best that we get to the vote before he acts like an ass to even more people. NOT a good look for Bret at this Tribal at all.

And with that, it is time to vote. We see none of the votes, but we do see a VERY large bug of some type land on Taylor in the jury box and threaten to carry him off. Jeff tallies the votes and asks about immunity idols. After a long pause, David steps up to play his idol. As he comes to sit down, Adam tells him to hold up. He tells David that they were all whispering about Ken. So David claims the idol is for Ken. When the votes come up, Ken gets none of them. As she expected, Hannah is the target. The votes are totaled up and it's five votes Zeke and five votes Hannah. We have our tie. So, we'll now revote. Hannah and Zeke will not vote.

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