Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X'ers - Episode Recap

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 30, 2016

Going to rocks: always a terrible idea.

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As they finish this conversation, Sunday comes back and they start talking game again. They all agree that David has to go. Zeke tells them he can get Jay and Will on board, which gives them five. He also feels he'll be able to pull in Hannah and Adam to complete the vote. But the only way they can pull this off is if the plan is kept completely secret from David.

We join the reward-ers as they return to camp to see the non reward-ers. Hannah tells us that she pulls David aside really quick. She tells us that she has decided to go with David. Zeke is condescending and can be a flip flopper. She tells David that Bret and Zeke have been talking about him and the fact that he has an idol. Hannah tells David that since she's down with Zeke, she thinks he'll tell her if David is the vote. They talk about the idol, and David says that the idol is not for one of them. David is totally freaked out, feeling like his game is blown up. He decides that they should go for Zeke and let the votes come on him. Then he'll play his idol and Zeke goes home. Hannah stops him short there saying that she wants to chat with Zeke. If he has any idea that she's working with David, she'll be screwed.

On Day 30, it's time for another Probst Sighting. Today's immunity challenge will involve maneuvering a handle through a maze, on the opposite side of the door, so they can't see the maze. Once solved, the handle will come out with a key to unlock the door they're behind. Once out of the door, they'll have a Survivor slide puzzle to work. Honestly, this is the most boring of challenges as it turns out to be a complete blow out. Long story short - Jay blows through the maze and the slide puzzle before anyone else gets even close to getting out of the maze. Biggest ass kicking in a challenge I've seen in a long, long time.


We come back from break for a sweet game of "Will It Be David Or Zeke?" Jay is pumped up about having the immunity necklace. He does tell us that even though he has an idol, he'll be keeping that for himself - which you would certainly expect. I'm not sure what allows David and Jessica to be left completely alone in the middle of camp, but they start to talk. David tells Jessica about his talk with Bret and Sunday and how screwed he is because of it. Jessica tells us that she will join him in voting for Zeke even though it's his own fault he's in the place he's in. Ken tells us that he will also be voting for Zeke. They've been together since the very beginning, and that won't be changing.

Trying to shore up votes, Zeke finally takes Hannah aside to let her know he's gunning for David. He tells her that David is a likely winner and has an idol, and then he asks her if she would consider David one of the bigger threats in the game. Hannah is SO bad at this game. She can't look at him, she can't answer him. She makes it painfully obvious that she is with David. He tells her that what's happening here will determine whether she plays the game with David or with him. He tells us that it was glaringly obvious that Hannah was not with him. And if she's with David, she's now his enemy. David has an idol, so the vote tonight could just as easily be Hannah.

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