Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen Xers

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 30, 2016

Has he mentioned boomer sooner?

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Hello good people and welcome to a super-sized, 2-hour, Thanksgiving bloated episode of Survivor: Millennials v Gen X. That's right; you get me for 1 giant episode, 4 challenges and 2 thrilling Tribal Councils. Well - we hope they are anyway. They could also be a Will and Jay Pagonging - which would explain why they did them in one night - to quell the suffering.

Last time we hung out, Adam got exposed for having a Reward Advantage and everyone said, "Oooh." But that wasn't enough to overlook the fact that Taylor was stealing a hoarding food from a bunch of starving people. And while Tribal Council was electric and allegations and lies were being strewn about, at the end of the day, you steal my food, you go home. And Taylor was sent home. This leaves his alliance mates of Jay and Will at the bottom of a 9-2 disadvantage. Will they be able to stick it out 1 more vote? Maybe 2 more votes? Sometimes being in THIS small of an alliance can be an advantage as the main group will figure they can take you out anytime and start to turn on the threats within their own alliance.

And, previews seem to suggest that we could see a splintering in the Gen X alliance and oh yeah, Jay has an idol and pretty soon everyone will know about it. So, this could be ridiculously explosive, or it could be a diversion to point us away from Adam taking the walk of shame because he has an advantage. We have a lot of show to get to, so let's get right to it.


We begin tonight's episode right after Tribal. Adam tries to apologize for not telling them about the advantage. He's super worried now and he wants Jay gone so badly. Jay tells us that all he wanted was for Taylor to shut up at Tribal because he was taking him down too. He tells us that he's glad to have made it this far, though and he hopes that since he hasn't played an idol, everyone just assumes he doesn't have one. Bret and Chris are happy that Taylor is gone. Chris tells us that while Jay might think he's on the bottom, he'd like to finally vote out Jessica as he thinks that she is a huge strategic threat. He tells us that it'll have to be a small group, but he plans to take her out before he leaves this game.

We come back from the opening to dawn on day 26. Ken and Hannah are enjoying the sunrise. And like, for real, she is looking at him with hearts in her eyes. She has quite the crush, it would seem. And from that touching little moment, we join Zeke and Will discussing the vote from last night. Will tells us that he's done with Jay and he is going to do whatever he can to save himself and he thinks Zeke is his ticket. So, he tells Zeke that Jay has an idol. He also tells Zeke that, whatever he does, he just can't tell anyone. And this takes us to an amazing little montage of Zeke telling David about the idol. David telling Chris and then Hannah. Chris tells Bret and David tells Ken. Next Zeke takes the idol information to Chris. Zeke and Chris come up with the plan to really make Jay feel like he's next. The idea is to get him to play his idol, while they all vote for Jessica. So, Chris gets his person out AND they force Jay to burn his idol.

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