Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen Xers

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 30, 2016

Has he mentioned boomer sooner?

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And with that, it's time for a Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a team challenge. They'll swim out to a raft and then pull themselves back in to a platform. They'll untie a key, slide down a long pole. The keys will unlock some color blocks and they will have to stack the 4 blocks so there are no matching colors on the same side. The winners will win a sweet pizza bar...which will be docked about 50 feet away from the camp, so that the losers can hear them enjoying their reward. Before they draw for teams, Jeff mentions that someone will sit out of the challenge and will not be eligible to win reward. At this point, David volunteers to sit out, because he's such a bad swimmer, he doesn't want to let a team down.

Everyone else encourages him to participate in a pretty touching moment for David. He's really feeling the love from the cast right now and I honestly think it was genuine. So, David stays in and when all is said and done, Jay's string of bad lick continues as he draws the short straw and will not participate in this challenge. The teams are: Ken, Jessica, Chris, David and Will versus Adam, Hannah, Bret, Zeke and Sunday. Not surprisingly, the team of Ken and Chris just power through the first part of the challenge and they have their blocks out ahead of Zeke's team. David and Chris get to work on the block puzzle and it takes them long enough that the other team catches up and Zeke and Adam take on the puzzle. After a few minutes, Zeke and Adam absolutely crush this puzzle and complete a major comeback. Zeke and Adam have won pizza and beer for their team.


As the losing team gets back to camp, they can now see the floating pizza bar off shore. The winning team boards and they just dig in. Lots of pizza and lots of beer. Hannah is feeling pretty guilty that the other people can hear them. She tries to get the group to be quieter, but there's none of that happening. With the beers flowing, Zeke and Bret are bonding over their beers. As Bret tells us that he needs to get closer to Zeke a waiter comes out and delivers letters from home to everyone. Adam has a really touching moment where he tries to describe how important this letter was for him. The letter was from his mom and she's doing just fine...and he is so thankful for that bit of information.

As they dive into the water and scream and laugh, we check in with the kids at camp. Ken and David have a little talk about how they were really looking forward to some pizza. This seems to be the first time they've checked in since the merge. They reconnect and reconfirm their alliance. They talk about sitting next to each other at the final 3. As they talk, David tells us that the threesome of Chris, Bret and Sunday are just too strong. He and Jessica decide to vote for Chris. Ken is on board but is worried that Zeke won't be on board. David seems to think that he can get Zeke on his side. As we head to break, Jessica tells us that Chris has been after her for weeks, so she's glad to be taking him out this time.

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