Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen Xers

Episode 10 - Million Dollar Gamble - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 30, 2016

Has he mentioned boomer sooner?

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And we're back to another Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is another balance and test of wills challenge. This time, they will hold a little statue steady on a sloped rail, with a long pole. Jeff sure does love his poles. Anyway, as time goes by, they'll have to step backward making the pole longer and standing on a narrower piece of board. Everyone makes it through stage 1. A couple seconds into Stage 2, Hannah drops out. Ken is right behind her. Everyone else makes it to stage 3. Shortly after, Sunday, Chris, Will, Jay and Bret all drop out. Jessica, David, Adam and Zeke all make it to the final stage. They're 10 feet away now on the narrowest piece of balance beam. The wind kicks up and knocks Adam out. Out of nowhere, Jessica drops. And we're left with Zeke vs David. After wobbling for a very long time, Zeke finally bows out of the challenge and David wins immunity. As we head to break, David tells us that if he has any say in things, Chris will be going home tonight.

With that in mind, I guess we're back to play "It's Anyone But Chris." Everyone congratulates David on the big win. Jay, on the other hand, is not happy at all. He knows he's on the block and no one will talk to him. Hannah won't tell him anything. Chris, Bret, Sunday and Zeke all talk about making the move on Jessica...but the plan is still to try to get Jay to play an idol, so no one will be talking to him. The next thing we see, David and Zeke are talking. Davis makes his pitch to Zeke to take out Chris. Zeke likes hearing this, because he wants to be in control of turning the Gen X-ers against each other. Zeke tells David that Jessica is the play from Chris. Naturally, David tells all his people that Jessica is the vote and she takes this info to Adam. Adam confirms that he, Jessica, David and Ken are all on the same page. They just need 2 more people and that's going to come down to Zeke and Hannah. They are the swing votes between Chris' 5 person group and David's 4 person group. Before we head to Tribal, Zeke and Hannah talk it out. Both sides are trying to pull a blindside. Zeke is having a hard time making a decision. He likes and trusts both David and Chris, so he needs to figure out, really quickly, the best way for him moving forward. Should be interesting.


Jeff begins Tribal Council still talking about the stolen food situation and whether or not he still feels on the outs. He says that no one talked to him all day, so he's feeling pretty out there. I think it's amazing that the food issue, Adam's reward and Jay in general are barely even blips on the radar of the tribe right now. Jeff asks how everyone is feeling about alliances, etc. Zeke suggests that they have smaller groups that could be forming now, but they're based very much on trust. Hannah coins a new term #trustcluster and she actually does a really nice job of defining it.

She says "voting blocs" will break up at any time and alliance will never break up, and what she sees is something more in the middle. Lots of talk about trust from everyone. Chris is feeling very comfortable with the vote tonight. Sunday says the vote is more about who you can't trust than who you can. Jeff asks everyone how they feel about the vote tonight and they all say they feel 100% about the vote tonight. Jay, of course, makes a little fun of this as he has no idea what's happening tonight. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see Jessica's vote for Chris telling him that she knows he's still holding that grudge against her. We also see Chris' vote for Jessica telling her she's too much of a threat. Jeff goes to tally the votes and asks about hidden idols. Long pause....and no one wants to play their idol. Here come the votes. First vote: Chris. Second vote: Jessica. They alternate back and forth until we have a 4-4 tie. Then the rest all come up: Chris. As he walks out, the last of my final 4 picks is now gone. This has to be the absolute worst prediction season I've ever had. Just terrible. I mean...13 people made the merge. Out of 20. I picked 8 of them. Just awful. Oh well, it is what it is. When the votes are revealed, we see that David's alliance with Ken, Jessica and Adam picked up Zeke, Hannah and Will for the vote tonight, while Jay went with Chris, Sunday and Bret and voted for Jessica. There are no previews for the second episode; we're just going to go right into it. I'll be back tomorrow with that recap. So, don't you fret - you'll have me back on your laptop first thing tomorrow. 'Til then, take care!

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