Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - I Will Destroy You

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 9, 2016

Overthinking everything.

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Next up is the Millennials talking about what to do. Michaela lays out rocks and shells to talk about who to vote out. She tries to tell them that if they play it right, it doesn't matter who they vote out. At the end of the conversation, the decision is to split the votes and then dump Bret on the revote. Jay tells us about Michaela's talk and as he's talking it out, it hits him that she's really smart and that she's good at challenges. He decides that maybe she should go home before the merge. So, he takes this plan to Will. They seem to be on the same page about this. They also seem to agree that they cannot tell Hannah. But as they talk, Jay also says that Michaela is a solid alliance. She doesn't lie and she's been with him since the beginning. As they head to Tribal, he tells us how conflicted he is and that this could define the rest of his game. Um, yeah, right. Buh bye Bret.

We get to Tribal and Jeff goes straight to the obvious. Four Millennials, two Gen Xers. Michaela and Jay both say that seeing what the other tribes have done makes them trust their new tribe even more, since the old divisions don't seem to exist anymore. Michaela loves everyone in this tribe and it's all Jeff's fault that they have to vote someone out. Sunday and Bret know that they are totally on the bottom and that everyone has made them feel welcome and part of the group, but they know what time it is. Jeff asks if this new maverick-style game is the way the game is played now. Will suggests that while the Tony Vlachos style game worked for him, it's dangerous for anyone else. Jay says that his vote tonight is coming from his gut. Will, Jay and Michaela all say that they feel that the tribe will be stronger moving forward after this vote and Michaela has more kind words to say about Bret and Sunday. And on that note, it's now time to vote.

The only vote we see is Hannah's vote for Bret saying that she hopes everyone keeps to their word and that she wishes she could have gone farther with him. Other than that, all votes are kept secret. Jeff tallies the votes and asks about a hidden immunity idol. Obviously, no one plays one. First vote: Bret. Second vote: Bret. Then Michaela, and she is taken aback by that. The next vote also comes up Michaela. Surprising, but not as, if you consider Bret and Sunday just picked her as their person to vote for. When the fifth vote comes up Michaela, she blurts out a high pitched, "Whaaaaat?" and turns around to look at Jay. Before Jeff can read the last vote, Michaela looks at Jay and says, "Did you do that?" He stares right back into her eyes and like a complete badass mafia boss says, "Yeah. I did it." There's a good five to seven seconds where they are just locked in the ultimate stare down.


While this is happening, Hannah is blown away and starting to freak out saying that she had nothing to do with it. But the stare down just keeps going. Seriously, I was already liking Jay, but this was absolutely amazing. He just looked her dead in the face as if to say, "Yeah. I did it. And I'd do it again and also - there's nothing you can do about it." This was one the damn coolest moments ever at a Tribal Council and definitely the best moment of this season. Finally, Jeff reads the last vote for Michaela. On the way out, she lets him know how stupid he was and how he just destroyed his own game. Meanwhile - Hannah is still freaking out. And honestly, I have to wonder how much of that was real and how much might have been a tad exaggerated. It's like she watched a season with Eliza Orleans on it and practiced the alien eyes in the mirror before she got there. I mean, I get it, you didn't expect the move. But it wasn't hard to figure out.

Now, let's talk about this move a bit. I'm gonna go against the grain on this one and give my full support for the move. First off, the merge has to be coming soon. Is Michaela a person you want to turn loose on the individual challenges? Sure, she won't win them all, but she is a challenge beast! Second off, she was never really with you, Figgy and Taylor. She confirmed that at the reward challenge when she said it was time for Figgy to go. Third, Michaela is wicked smart and has a plan in this game. And worse, she doesn't seem very willing to collaborate on her plan. It seems more like a "do what I say" kind of situation. Fourth, she cannot NOT let people know exactly how she's feeling at any second of any day. If she doesn't like someone, they know it. Everyone knows it. That's a wild card you might not want to have to work around in your core alliance. And finally, she knows you have the idol. She hasn't told anyone and amazingly didn't tell anyone on the way out of the game. So, now you're back to just you and your boy knowing about the idol. Overall, this was an amazing television moment, and I think it was a great move.

Next time on Survivor: Just in time too, 'cause it's the MERGE!! Zeke tells us that it's time to start crushing people's dreams. The Gen Xers are feeling the heat of being very outnumbered and they seem to be targeting the group of Taylor and Jay. Meanwhile, Hannah wants revenge on Jay for the Michaela vote. So, with Chris, Bret and Hannah targeting Jay next week, about all we can say for sure is that Jay is safe. Until next week, kiddies...take care!

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