Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - I Will Destroy You

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

November 9, 2016

Overthinking everything.

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We leave Vanua to join a super serious political discussion at Takali between Ken and Taylor. Um, what? There was nothing else in this episode to show us? Anyway, this leads into Taylor offering up his loyalty to Jessica and Ken. He tells them he has no allegiances come the merge and that he's willing to shake their hand and tell them that he'll never write their names down. Jessica tells us that they accepted Taylor's handshake and she wonders if Taylor is smart enough to double cross them and if this goofy surfer dude might not be a better, more controllable ally than Adam.

The next day we check in with Ikabula. They're celebrating the 20th day. And they are a real close knit group. Hannah tells us that they are very close, but there is the underlying knowledge that it's 4-2 in favor of the Millennials. We join a "getting to know you" conversation. Bret has told everyone that he works in a funeral home and Hannah doesn't really believe him so she's grilling him about his work. She tells us and her Millennials that she is pretty sure he's a cop - which he is. We then have a discussion about it and Will talks her into not trying to blow up Bret's game, just wait for him to tell them if he is, in fact, a cop.

We come back from the next break to another Probst Sighting! Today's immunity challenge is an obstacle course of sorts. They'll start off shooting coconuts into a big net. Once it's heavy enough, a flag will drop with numbers on it. Those numbers will release a key and they will use that to unlock a slingshot. They'll then use the slingshot to shoot sandbags at some targets. First two tribes to hit all their targets will win immunity. Ikabula will sit out Hannah and Will this time around.


We begin and it takes a decent amount of time to fill up the baskets with coconuts. Purple is the first tribe to get their numbers. On his second try, Adam unlocks the key to open up the slingshot. Green is next and Michaela gets to work on the combination and she gets it on the first shot. Taylor is using the slingshot and missing while Zeke finally lands the last coconut to release the numbers. Skip ahead and purple has three of their five targets and green hasn't hit one yet. Michelle has a hell of a time figuring out the combination, but finally does it. Ken finishes off the challenge and wins immunity for purple and this has become a two-tribe race for second. Green just can't hit a target and all of a sudden, orange has a 4-2 lead on hitting their targets. And with one last shot, Chris and Vanua win immunity sending Ikabula to Tribal Council for the first time. As we head to break, Jay tells us that it's between Bret and Sunday, obviously, and that it looks like Bret will have to go.

So, when we come back, it's time to play "It's Anyone But Bret." Except when we come back, no one is doing anything. They're all just sitting in a row on a log. For like a half hour. No one moves, no one speaks. Sunday narrates, letting us know that it's either her or Bret tonight and she hates not being in control of her own fate. We finally join them in conversation and Bret is saying that they have to vote for each other. NOOOOO! You don't HAVE to vote for each other. There's two of you. If the others decide to split the vote, you could totally do something. You never just give up and accept your fate.

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